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Sentiment Analysis with SAP HANA

Consumers today go online to make up their minds. But what can companies do to mine their opinions about their products and services? The text analysis capabilities in SAP HANA provide the perfect tool to address this problem and a valuable basis for the development and adjustment of product strategies.

Purchasing decisions are no longer made in the store, (potential) customers rather rely on online reviews, social media, and relevant blogs to educate themselves on the products and services they will ultimately purchase. This absence of personal interaction with the customer requires companies to rethink the way they predict purchasing behavior. Many companies use text analysis tools to determine how customers review their products or brands – this is commonly called sentiment analysis. It captures both the subject and the attitude of a text and make it possible to conveniently find the most relevant text passages in order to analyze any points of criticism.

SAP HANA can analyze texts in more than 30 languages. Its capabilities span from linguistic analysis to capturing word categories. What’s more, SAP HANA is also able to analyze the sentiment of a text in nine languages. It not only allows companies to determine how positive or negative a text is, it also provides information as to its exact subject.

SAP products like Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) are already leveraging these capabilities. Business intelligence solutions like SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio then transform the data into dashboards that show, for example, product popularity. Today, a number of companies are relying on Hadoop’s text analysis feature. With HANA Vora, they can load data from the Hadoop database to HANA, where they can, for example, use them in their SAP BW system.

The data analysis can be implemented both with SAP products and with in-house developments. SAP HANA provides a platform that supports development in multiple programming languages and interfaces for a variety of purposes. Camelot ITLab has extensive expertise in developing native HANA applications and the corresponding dashboards, both on premise and in the cloud.


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