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Camelot ITLab as the global No. 1 partner for SAP MDG and more

Data is the foundation for all business decisions with a significant impact on your success. Benefit from Camelots’ more than 25 years of experience as global No. 1 pioneer in the area of Data Management with SAP MDG. First-class consulting services combined with innovative solutions will help you to shape your data for success.

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Implementation Consulting

With our vast consulting experience, we enable organizations to introduce SAP MDG, utilize all functionalities and efficiently operate their master data system. With the additional services of our affiliate CAMELOT Management Consultants, we are able to provide a holistic approach to the digital transformation of your processes, organization and IT.

MDG Projects

  • Global No. 1 partner in SAP MDG system integration & worldwide the only consultancy with full cycle SAP MDG implementation experience for all data objects.
  • Strongest track record of successful MDM projects.
  • Over 180 projects and over 25 years of experience in the areas of MDM strategy, governance, processes, and tools in the life sciences, chemical, CPG and manufacturing industries.
  • One of the first SAP MDG implementations worldwide for Merck Group and the biggest MDM program in life science industry for TEVA.

MDG Accelerator

  • A ready-to-deploy solution to decrease the overall set-up and implementation time of your MDG system. The standardized deployment and implementation is easily extensible with new features and adjustable to your company’s need.
  • Enables the dynamic adaption of the user interface to increase the user guidance depending on process and user function to enhance the overall usability.
  • Validate existing data in single, mass and interface processing to increase the data quality and support user in enriching data with business rules.

MDG Application Training

  • MDG application training provides an overview of SAP MDG to enable smooth project kick-off or user trainings. The experience improves the SAP MDG system usage and enables an efficient utilization. The user experience will be maximized by sharing tips and tricks as well as setting and personalization options.
  • Shows how to utilize the different maintenance possibilities to efficiently create and change data within SAP MDG (independent of the data object). This improves the system usability, increases the user acceptance and reduces the number of 1st and 2nd level support requests.
  • The training covers all SAP MDG standard functionalities but also imparts learning content related to Process Analytics and Consolidation & Mass Processing. It can be extended to customer specific functionalities and system usage.


  • Camelot combines outstanding SAP MDG design and implementation experience with excellent operations support capabilities. We have a dedicated support organization to define tailor made approaches for our AMS customers.
  • We offer a flexible framework and enable our customers to deploy, adapt and maintain their SAP MDG solution efficiently.
  • Camelot’s AMS strategy ensures system performance best practices are followed with embedded process driven improvement strategies.
  • Agile methodology, highly customizable solution, seamless integration, ready to use add-on: these are some backbones of our offering.
  • We enable continuous improvements by doing proactive monitoring, SLA fulfillment, regular health checks and supporting upgrades.

Selected References

Success Story: SBB

Camelot has been a strategic partner in Data Management and Master Data Governance for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in an ongoing strategic transformation program to support new business models.


Success Story: Boehringer Ingelheim

Throughout the course of our cooperation, Boerhinger Ingelheim was able to reach the next level of Master Data Management. This allows them to transform master data into an enterprise knowledge asset and deliver value to drive their global digital transformation.

read more

SAP MDG Domain Portfolio

SAP MDG is delivered with enterprise content across key domains of master data to​ allow an organization to govern their critical enterprise attributes.

SAP Standard Domains

Business Partner

Common attributes like name, address or bank details are maintained. In addition, supplier and customer specific attributes such as company code, purchasing and sales area data are stored. The linkage of business partner data allows this data to be shared across multiple suppliers and customers with different roles as well as for situations where a supplier might also be a customer.


Material master-relevant data is maintained across all key areas, including material descriptions, units of measure, classification, sales, plant, storage and warehouse data. A good data quality of the material data supports the different business processes like Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay or Plan-to-Produce in which material records are used.


Finance data is key for many processes, e.g. Order-to-Cash or Forecast-to-Plan, consuming financial data, including such areas as SAP General Ledger (G/L) accounts/ chart of accounts, cost centers, profit centers, and hierarchies.

SAP Extensions

Enterprise Asset Management​ (EAM)

Enterprise asset management governance content has been developed by the SAP partner Utopia as a solution extension to SAP MDG. This content is relevant to both SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) and SAP ERP Plant Maintenance (SAP ERP PM) customers and includes areas like equipment master, functional locations, bill of materials (BOM), and more.

Retail and Fashion Management​ (RFM)

Governance of the article master is provided and is of critical importance to all customers in the retail and fashion industries. Areas covered include listings, purchasing and sales views of the article, and hierarchies.

Custom Objects

In addition to the preceding delivered content, SAP MDG allows for complete custom domains of master data to be created. These could be for such use cases as governing industry specific-objects, or complete non-SAP objects.

SAP MDG Automation

Based on our deep understanding for our customers’ needs in various industries we have developed a huge repository of innovative service solutions to boost user experience.

SAP MDF Test Automation


  • Defined test scripts are performed by the test automation tool.
  • Test executions can be planned or started manually.
  • Test documentation and results are automatically saved and stored.
  • Integration with JIRA or Solution Manager is possible to synchronize prerequisites and errors.


  • Higher test coverage and early defect detection due to faster execution of multiple test cases.
  • Reduced manual effort leads to increased efficiency, faster test results and the possibility to focus on (negative) test results.
  • Reduction of repetitive manual tests reduces time-consuming resource commitment as well as (human) error-proneness.

Use Cases

  • Functional and non-functional tests, such as performance-, unit-, regression- or smoke-tests.
  • Automatic creation of test data and, if necessary, its deletion after processing.
  • Any kind of repetitive test cases, i.e. regression tests.
  • Developer tests for early error detection and early correction.

SAP MDG Implementation Automation


  • Initial system and Camelot MDG Accelerator setup is automated by an automation platform using SAP script to create objects and source code.
  • Creation of SAP MDG processes with graphical process framework eases the communication between business and technical stakeholders.
  • Seamless creation of all necessary customizing tables.


  • Human implementation time is heavily reduced by a given workflow that can easily be customized by the operator (e.g. creating Objects for MM or BP).
  • Reduction of potential human errors due to explicit templates and rules. 
  • Quick and easy process creation that is easy adoptable.

Use Cases

  • Initial system setup including the activation of business functions and data models.
  • Initial Camelot MDG Accelerator implementation by coding templates with namespace rules.
  • Creation of new SAP MDG processes (e.g. creation of a new material, change of an existing BP).

Data Management Products

With our vast industry experience we transform ideas into solutions that benefit you in your daily work.

Data Quality

Process Transparency

End to End Governance


Data Management Services

To improve data maintenance and quality we offer a wide range of solutions.

Camelot Integrated Text Translation

Utilizing AI based translation service DeepL we enable the easy translation of any text that can be maintained on the master data objects available in SAP MDG – business partner, material and financials. See Video.

Camelot MDG Accelerator

Camelot MDG accelerator bring benefits to your MDG solution, covering the initial implementation, maintenance support and future scope extension.

Camelot Plug-and-Play Workflow

With our plug-and-play workflow framework we enable you to set-up master data maintenance processes in SAP MDG efficiently. Functionalities include involving approvers only if sensitive data was changed or enforcing a 4-eye-principal for critical master data changes.

MDG Search Enhancement

Driven by the limited functionality that the SAP MDG standard search provides we enhanced the search result layout, providing SAP MDG users with more information that will help them find and identify the correct master data records. This increases efficiency, as well as data quality, reducing duplicate data. See Video.

Virtual Assistant

Are your users complaining about the complex frontend of SAP MDG? Get in contact with us and learn how Master Data can be maintained using a virtual assistant guiding the users and interacts in case of any questions.

Attachment Analyzer

A lot of information regarding your master data is provided by your business partners. For example a material fact sheet or a purchase order. Camelot‘s attachment analyzer will scan the documents and derive information to your master data system.

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Thomas Tolksdorf​

Head of Data Management Technology

Leader of the profit center for Data Management Technology at Camelot ITLab. He has more than 15 years of experience in international SAP Data Management projects.

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