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100% Virtual Consulting & Project Delivery

Transforming collaboration and project execution

Conventional consulting projects of the past required a high degree of face-to-face interaction and in-person meetings. From one day to the next, the corona pandemic required new ways of collaboration. What is a current necessity can sustainably transform collaboration and project execution in the future.

Camelot has extensive and proven experience in delivering projects 100% virtually. We provide all the required capabilities to make your project a success – in COVID-19 times and beyond.


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How it works

Paradigm change in project implementation

Contact restrictions and travel bans imposed by COVID-19 are forcing companies to switch the implementation of projects to a virtual form of collaboration. However, many organizations are not yet prepared for what amounts to a paradigm shift in project execution:

  • Virtual collaboration routines are not established well in many companies.
  • Projects still require a high amount of on-site presence, especially in critical project phases. How to deal with this in times of contact restrictions?
  • Employees are often not familiar with virtual collaboration tools. The potential of the tools remains untapped.

Get to work virtually in three easy steps

With three easy steps we enable 100% virtual project work and digital collaboration – fast, safe, and efficient.

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  • Fast and easy virtual transition approach delivered in just two weeks
  • Establish virtual project collaboration successfully via proven virtual consulting methodology, best practices and tool set
  • Expert teams working together for 10+ years

Virtual project excellence for vivid collaboration experience

Properly introduced and executed, a virtual project doesn’t have to be a dull experience but can rather be as enriching and exciting as a face-to-face project. Our unique approach enables exactly that: efficient execution and an extensive experience – not leaving emotions and relationships behind.

  • Injecting emotions into digital excellence
  • Enhancing virtual collaboration platforms with tailored consulting add-ons
  • Connecting local experts in one global project time zone
Claud Noh, Corporate CIO / Vice President, Zinus
Camelot is more than capable of a complete 100% virtual project delivery across several time zones. This outstanding and very focused approach has not only accelerated our SAP IBP implementation, but also opened opportunity for innovation.

Why Camelot

Camelot has heavily invested in digital infrastructure in the last years and we are proud to offer our clients mature virtual setups to support them also remotely in strengthening their businesses – across global time zones.

Project excellence

No matter if your project is managed on-site or 100% virtually, you can expect highest delivery quality.

Seamless experience

We guide your teams through the virtual project and make it a seamless experience for everyone.

Injecting emotions

It’s about people, and about relationships – we bring the human factor to the virtual world.

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