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SAP Analytics Cloud​

The Latest Generation of Analytics Solutions in the Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is an extremely easy-to-use cloud reporting tool that covers all analytical use cases. With charts already available in SAP Analytics Cloud and the ability to integrate the R programming language for statistical calculations and graphs, the options for visualizing your data are virtually unlimited. Benefit from our experience in cloud-driven report creation, either self-service or IT-based.​

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How we help clients

Content packages​

  • Content is developed on the basis of our vast project experience​
  • Predefined visualizations and KPIs facilitate data analysis​
  • Powerful project accelerator​

Augmented BI​

  • Search for information with natural language​
  • Automatically analyze data to gain further insights​
  • Integrate R scripts for further analysis ​

Application Designer​

  • Create customized applications for data analysis and data planning​
  • Additional widgets such as buttons or drop-down menus ​
  • Interaction of all contained elements using script-based program logic​

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Why Camelot

Specialist departments often rely on the rapid availability of information that meets their needs for decision-making, even when on the move. When retrieving the relevant information, however, it is often difficult and time-consuming to design company-wide reporting processes. Camelot ITLab accompanies you step by step in implementing your latest generation cloud-based reporting solution. ​

Process- and IT consulting

Camelot provides you with advice on everything from concept and data preparation in the back end system to visualization in SAP Analytics Cloud, and ensures practical implementation.​

Expert knowledge in reporting​

Camelot is at your side with the knowledge of many years of experience in reporting and supports you in getting the most out of your data with SAP Analytics Cloud.​

Data science expertise​

Our experienced data scientists will support you in further optimizing your reporting using R programming and visualizations or taking it to a whole new level with Smart Predict.​

Marcel Stefanski, Head of CoE Reporting, Camelot ITLab
Users receive visually appealing and comprehensible visualizations with maps, diagrams, tables, texts or graphics. Via self-service, users can create these types of visualizations themselves simply using drag and drop or, in the case of very particular adaptations, have them developed as an application. These individual adaptations are becoming increasingly important for our customers, as they allow the respective company situation to be depicted much better.​

Further Services and Solutions



Data volumes in companies are constantly growing: business-critical information and reports must be available at the right time and in the right form in order to guarantee fast and well-founded decision-making.


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Adalbert Moczygeba

Head of Business Analytics

His professional passion applies to all topics related to reporting, planning and data warehouse – and to how innovations in these areas affect businesses.

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