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Digital Supply Chain – Planning

SAP Data Intelligence

Value Creation Driver

SAP Data Intelligence is designed to develop and maintain data pipelines across systems and the data lifecycle. Together with pioneer Camelot ITlab, you can transform your business into an intelligent enterprise.​

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How we help clients

Strategy Design​

  • Define your data strategy across enterprise data assets​
  • Learn from experienced data scientists and master best practices​
  • Integrate a realizable AI path into your business value roadmap​


  • Supporting rapid prototyping and quick starts​
  • Proof-of-value done and friction points in prototype identified​
  • UX evaluated and prototype design optimized​

Enterprise Integration​

  • Supporting enterprise-wide implementation​
  • Introducing agile data management across the organization
  • Data pipelines execution support​

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Machine Learning

Machine Leaning (ML) enables systems to learn from past data and adapt to new data. Machine Learning is used in many different use cases, mostly with respect to automation tasks and intelligent decision support.


Camelot Data Quality Health Check

Relevant strategic and operative decisions are increasingly made based on big data analytics. As it is no longer a challenge to collect and process a wealth of data, the main challenge is to identify any issues in data quality.

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Why Camelot

Camelot helps you to understand and communicate the value of data intelligence to your business. We enable you to achieve a next level understanding of Enterprise Data Science – tailored to your current applied data to value path and your business needs, as we did for Evonik Industries AG.

From Data to Value​

We strongly believe that there is enormous value in data processing and analysis, and data science has the ability to unlock it.

Enterprise Data Science​

Goes beyond big data initiatives and takes advantage of recent advances in machine learning, data science, and cloud computing.​

Tailored approach​

Individualized method to solving your business challenges based on our developed methodology.​

Frank Schmalle, Head of Enterprise Data Management, Global IT, Evonik Industries AG​
With SAP Data Intelligence platform and Camelot’s industry and technology expertise, we launched the next generation of enterprise data management. We now have an open platform that lets us efficiently integrate and harmonize different data sources across structured and un-structured data types.

Further Services and Solutions



SAP MDG is a state-of-the-art solution to govern your master data objects – with Camelot ITLab as your global No. 1 partner for implementations.


SAP Analytics Cloud​

SAP Analytics Cloud is an extremely easy-to-use cloud reporting tool that covers all analytical use cases. Benefit from our experience in cloud-driven report creation, either self-service or IT-based.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major driver of digitalization. As part of the value chain, AI enables data-based decisions to be made.


Andreas Staudenecker

Head of Intelligent Data Management

Leader of the data intelligence area supporting complex projects end to end. He has a strong focus on enabling customers to exploit their full potential in data.

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