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Camelot Data Analyzer

Camelot Data Analyzer

Manage Your Data Lifecycle by Identifying Inactive Data

Data is your company’s most valuable asset and the foundation of the most critical business processes. Give it the value it deserves! Camelot Data Analyzer provides detailed insights on how your master and reference data is used in your organization. Find out if your data is up to date, outdated, or even not in use anymore. Ensure your business decisions are based on reliable and efficient data.

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How the Camelot Data Analyzer supports your business transformation:

SAP S/4HANA Data Readiness Check

Identify inactive Master Data within your SAP S/4HANA Transformation and validate synchronized customizing to ensure a seamless transition.

Continuous Monitoring

The integrated data quality dashboard allows you to perform continuous data quality monitoring. As part of any data quality initiative in your organization, measuring KPIs and data quality rules will ensure that your data adds value to your business processes.

Data Quality Management

Camelot Data Analyzer boosts your Data Quality Management initiatives. The service reduces the time-consuming data cleansing effort by identifying unused data records and enables data preparation for complex data harmonization activities.

Camelot Data Analyzer provides the following add-ons:

Identify inactive business partner master data

The Camelot Data Analyzer efficiently manages the volume of crucial business partner data across transactions by evaluating your ERP data across company codes and organizational units. It also presents potentially inactive and inactive data along with the associated contact persons.

Identify inactive material master data

Up to 20% of materials within your system are currently outdated, leading to a significant decline in process efficiency, system performance slowdowns, and the tying up of capital in unused stock. The solution analyzes the materials within your SAP ERP system and their dependencies, offering a clear way forward for optimization.

Analyze your reference data

Validate and pinpoint discrepancies in the utilization of reference data (customization) throughout your system landscape. Detect inconsistencies in the customization applied to your master and transactional data, ultimately playing a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition from the legacy system to your new SAP S/4HANA target system during the transformation process.

Measure data quality

Ensure data accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness throughout the organization by defining and visualizing KPIs and their computation for measuring data quality.​ By leveraging best practices from previous projects across all industries, the Dashboard provides valuable assistance that leads to better decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced overall performance.

Dashboard overview of active, potentially inactive, and inactive master data

Apply filter criteria to classify data (e.g., company code, plant,…)

Detailed view of identified data

Camelot Material Data Analyzer Now Available on SAP® Store

Benefits of the Camelot Data Analyzer

Lifecycle management

Track the lifecycle of data objects through the entire value chain.

Efficient data management

Achieve efficiency in data management initiatives by significantly reducing the amount of data to be governed.


Introduce the solution in your organization fast and easy, without any major implementation effort.

Data Quality Dashboard

Continuously monitor the health of your organizational data quality in one global tool without the need for development expertise.

GDPR compliance

Ensure GDPR compliance by identifying inactive contacts that are often overlooked.

Entirely customizable

Camelot Data Analyzer can easily be adjusted to the data demands of your business processes. Which time periods should be considered? Which field conditions define an inactive data record?

Fast results

Easily connect to your SAP ERP source system to be analyzed and receive immediate results without any time-consuming implementation effort.

Always up-to-date

Constantly analyze data objects and their dependencies according to your business and legal requirements and ensure that all master and reference data are always up-to-date.​

Subscription and Pricing

Camelot Data Analyzer comes with different functionalities and bundles. Find below an overview of the available subscription plans and pricing:

SAP S/4HANA – Data Readiness Check

10,000 € per quarter

  • Discover the potential of an inactive master data object within your SAP ERP System (Single Source System) on an aggregated level
  • Minimum 3 months contract duration

CDA – Master Data Object

40,000 €​ per year

  • Identify inactive Master Data within a single source system and gain detailed insights into your data lifecycle and transactional data 
  • Yearly subscription

Additional Master Data Objects

20,000 € per year

  • Add further master data objects to the initial subscription of Camelot Data Analyzer to ensure a full-blown data lifecycle management of your master data​
  • Yearly subscription

Additional Systems

10,000 € per system

  • Option to consider the master and transactional data in your initial subscription to Camelot Data Analyzer for additional systems from your SAP system architecture such as SAP ERP, SAP MDG, etc.
  • Yearly subscription

DQM Dashboard

10,000 € per year

  • Expand Camelot Data Analyzer functionalities by adding continuous monitoring of the key performance indicators and business rules within an interactive dashboard to measure and increase the quality of your data ​
  • Yearly subscription

Technical Information and Deployment

What are the solution types of the Camelot Data Analyzer and what does it work with?

The Camelot Data Analyzer works as an extension or add-on with
– SAP Business Technology Platform ​
– SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite​
– SAP Analytics Cloud​
– SAP Datasphere

Does the product integrate with SAP Cloud solutions?

The Camelot Data Analyzer integrates with SAP Cloud solutions using standard SAP-approved interfaces and APIs.

Is the Camelot Data Analyzer a Software-as-a-Service solution?

This product is delivered online as a subscription service.

Do you provide assistance?

Assistance is provided to enable all target users to install, configure, and use the solution.


Timo Hasenohr (thas)

Timo Hasenohr

Sales & Business Development Manager

Passionate about helping data-driven organizations manage and add value to their data.

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