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User Experience and Extended Reality

User Experience and Extended Reality

From Science Fiction to Reality​

Today, user experience no longer includes only the user experience with digital products such as websites, software or apps, but also includes augmented and virtual reality.​

Why is a good user experience important?​

User experience is much more than an attractive design; it describes the subjective perception of the user from opening a digital application to closing it again. This holistic view of the end customer, including their expectations and problems, leads to the development of simple, unique applications, the use of which is not bound to a location or a device. ​

For us, user experience and mobility are therefore inseparably linked. This does not mean that we simply develop native mobile apps on smartphones or tablets. Rather, we pursue a holistic approach that encompasses the entire interaction of the user with an application, service, or product. Examples of this include: consistent user experience across all devices, location-independent use, text- or speech-based interaction with digital assistants and mixed reality by linking virtual information with the real environment.​

User experience is becoming a strategic success factor​

Higher employee satisfaction and productivity​

Making user experience a quality criterion leads to applications becoming easier and more intuitive to use. The aim is to make them stand out from the crowd and allow them to be used regardless of location. This reduces the need for training in companies and increases productivity, user satisfaction and confidence, and ultimately even turnover.​

Using Mixed Reality to improve User Experience

User experience is increasingly regarded as an important strategic issue among managers. One reason for this is that it can be linked to other technology trends such as AI. The potential of Mixed Reality to improve the user experience is also becoming increasingly clear, so that this fusion of the virtual and real world is gradually finding its way into core processes.

Extended reality

What is already an established standard in the gaming sector is also becoming more widespread in the business sector. Extended reality – this includes augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) – is used in IoT and analytics scenarios as well as in many other areas. ​

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Turning problems into solutions​

How do companies employ user experience in the development of their digital products? By listening to the needs of their users and customers and transforming their problems into innovative solutions. We have developed an agile framework based on design thinking and design-led development that makes this possible within a few weeks – the Camelot Digital EXPERIENCE².​

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Why Camelot

A good user experience improves the acceptance of systems by users, whether for classic applications or in the field of extended reality. Camelot ITLab helps companies to leverage this potential for themselves and their own customers. ​

Digital innovation centers​

Our digital innovation centers research the technology trends IoT, blockchain, AI, analytics, cloud and mobile for the future success of our customers.​

Agile and fast​

Our Digital EXPERIENCE² approach transforms our customers’ ideas into specific digital applications within a very short time. ​

Proven success​

Over the past two decades, we have successfully completed numerous implementation projects in various industries.​

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