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Your Fast Forward S/4HANA Data Transformation

Seamless Data Transition for a Smooth S/4HANA Project

Confidently navigate the complex maze of data migration within your S/4HANA transformation project. Our consulting services are tailored to ensure a smooth and successful transition of your valuable information between systems. With a proven track record of delivering results that make a difference, we bring together expertise, technology, and a strategic approach to optimize your data migration process. Discover how our innovative services elevate your data journey.

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Migration services tailored to your needs

Data Migration Management

  • We monitor and manage each functional and technical requirement, coordinate all associated tasks, and ensure the successful execution of your data migration.
  • You will gain full transparency and visibility for all migration tasks throughout every stage of the project, complemented by comprehensive reports.
  • With thoughtfully strategized and flawlessly implemented testing and cutover processes, we provide the optimal groundwork for a successful go-live experience.
Data Migration S4HANA

Full-Blown Data Migration

  • Our services cover strategy development and implementation for your data migration, customized to fit your unique project scenario and system landscape.
  • We fully support you during every stage of your S/4HANA transformation, leveraging our extensive knowledge in handling data across all SAP data objects, complemented by our adeptness in migration tools. 
  • By leveraging Hyperautomation along with our extensive migration content, we accelerate the migration process and effectively handle complex data transformations.

Selective Expert Support

  • Leverage the capabilities of over 200 data domain specialists to enhance your project team’s abilities and support your transformation journey.
  • Our specialists offer valuable insights and extensive knowledge on distinct areas of S/4HANA, including the new General Ledger, the consolidation to Business Partner as well as the Material Ledger.
  • With our migration expertise and industry best practices, we effectively mitigate project risks and achieve optimal outcomes across all project stages.​

Data Cleansing

  • We help you identify business-relevant data, rectify inconsistencies, and harmonize master data for the best data transformation results. 
  • Jumpstart your data cleansing initiative using the ready-made reports within Camelot Data Analyzer, in combination with Camelot’s automated enrichment tools.
  • Our expertise and proven data cleansing approach structure your cleansing efforts for optimal data migration preparation and lasting data quality improvements.

Integration Management

  • We prioritize the integration of data migration through transparent communication and clear responsibilities, ensuring the flow of critical information to all stakeholders.
  • Through coordination of migration tasks across all business streams, we achieve your transformation objectives such as business partner consolidation for S/4HANA.
  • By utilizing our knowledge of business data and functional dependencies, we facilitate seamless integration of migration processes to ultimately optimize workflow efficiency.

Migration Automation & Analytics

  • Hyperautomation and artificial intelligence play a vital role in minimizing manual efforts, thereby providing more time for crucial topics and tasks.
  • Test automation saves time, enabling us to focus on data validation to ensure the quality and usability of migrated data in your business processes.
  • Digital robots can interact with any interface and are therefore able to reduce the need for manual data entry during migration tasks.

Why Camelot?

Our expertise lies in tackling the complex nature of transformation projects, requiring a deep understanding of business processes and data. With the aid of our proficient team and cutting-edge technology, we are well-equipped to overcome any obstacle you will be facing during your S/4HANA transformation journey.

We understand your data

Our deep knowledge of data management and business processes enables us to recognize every detail of your data and its meaning to your business process.

Innovative technologies

We optimize outcomes by utilizing automation, elevating data migration, and boosting implementation and validation quality.

Technical and functional excellence

Our team of 200+ SAP process and data object experts provides an exceptional foundation for your S/4HANA transformation.

Thomas Jung, Associate Partner, Camelot ITLab
Data migration is the key to unlocking the full potential of SAP S/4HANA. It is the gateway to a new era of business agility, innovation, and efficiency.

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Thomas Jung

Head of Data Transition Management

Trusted Advisor for Master Data Management, Data Quality Management and Data Transformation with a very profound knowledge of the current market and the business solutions behind it.

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