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SAP CDP Customer Data Platform

SAP Customer Data Platform

Exceed customer expectations with a 360° customer view and hyper-personalization with SAP CDP

The SAP Customer Data Platform is an application for using and managing customer data. SAP CDP gives you a comprehensive overview of your customers by collecting, integrating and analyzing data from all  different kind of sources. Through workflows and hyper-personalization, you can always initiate the appropriate actions at the right time within the customer journey

SAP CDP – central platform for analysis of customer data


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SAP CDP provides companies with a centralized platform that enables them to collect and manage customer data from various sources. This includes data about a customers’ interactions with the company, their behavior, preferences and needs. By integrating this data into the platform, companies gain a holistic view of their customers and can create personalized marketing campaigns, customer service interactions and sales activities based on this information.
The platform provides ready integration capabilities of customer data from and into other business systems, such as CRM systems and marketing automation tools. By integrating customer data with these systems, companies can improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and sales activities and provide personalized customer interactions. Combined with SAP CDP’s powerful analytics, your company can gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. Based on these insights, companies can adapt their marketing and sales strategies to increase customer engagement and improve conversion rates

CDP is a flexible solution that allows companies to customize the platform to meet their specific business needs. The platform is scalable and can grow as the business grows. It is also a secure solution that ensures customer data is protected and complies with data protection regulations.

Real-time reaction to your customers’ needs with SAP CDP extensive capabilities

One of the most important functions of CDP is its central data aggregation capabilities. The platform enables companies to collect customer data from various sources and store it in a central repository. This includes data about customers’ interactions with the company, their behavior, preferences and needs. By integrating this data into the platform, companies gain a holistic view of their customers and can create personalized branding campaigns, customer service interactions, and sales promotions based on this information.

CDP can not only receive and analyze data, but also feeds actions back into your CRM systems and marketing automation tools through workflows. So, if SAP CDP determines that now would be a good time to make the customer aware of a certain product, a task can be automatically created for the responsible sales representative in the CRM system. At the same time, the complexity of these relationships is reduced by CDP’s powerful analysis functions.

SAP CDP Customer Data Platform

Various advantages with SAP CDP to increase customer loyalty

Centralized customer data

to help you better understand your customers through real-time insights and dynamic segmentation

One tool

to truly live Customer Experience and understand customers’ interests in detail

Easy integration

into your IT landscape through ready-to-use interfaces to other systems

Cohesive customer data strategy

CDP is the perfect foundation for a cohesive customer data strategy while protecting consumer privacy

Customer interaction

from all online and offline sources are securely unified in real time

Complete visibility

across front and back office so you can optimize campaigns and processes

Website interactions

IP-tracking enables display of website interactions even from customers who have not yet registered

Automated tasks

workflows help to automate activities between CRM and marketing automation tools

How we help clients

Full service

Camelot accompanies you through the complete CX cycle: from strategic alignment to service support

Intense process expertise

Camelot is not only an expert in SAP CX products, but also in sales, service and marketing processes

Strong integration focus

With a strong team of integration experts, Camelot connects all systems with SAP CX applications

Customer satisfaction is our goal

Camelot takes CX itself very seriously, of course. We are always close to our customers and with a personal contact person

Why Camelot

Competitive pressure, comparable products, informed customers and their readiness to go elsewhere demand new sales approaches. This means turning analog customers into digital fans. As your technology partner, we support you in achieving exactly that with the smooth implementation of SAP CRM/ CX Suite. Take the leap and digitalize your sales department!

Award winning consultants​

Comprehensive consulting for your customer experience strategy from a single source: Our teams received the Best of Consulting Award from WirtschaftsWoche – and have SAP® Recognized Expertise for Germany in the area of SAP Cloud for Customer.

Innovative & integrative system solutions​

With more than 25 years of experience in value chain management, we develop optimal, sustainable system architectures tailored to your needs across all business areas, and regularly release new innovations.

Our industry expertise for your success​

Camelot’s general focus on the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, consumer goods and manufacturing has been expanded to include the healthcarelogistics, NGO and construction industries.

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Roberto Wahl, CamelotITLab
The consolidation of customer data and interactions in a centralized platform forms the basis for the design of holistic customer journeys, personalized marketing campaigns and targeted sales activities.

Roberto Wahl

Director Customer Experience

Expert for all SAP products in the SAP CX portfolio. His market and industry expertise comes from many years of planning and executing a wide variety of CRM initiatives for various companies from diverse industries.

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