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Camelot Differentiators for CRM & Customer Experience

Improving your Customer Relationship Management with Camelot enhancements for standard SAP software solutions

Boosting Sales, Service, and Marketing

A better customer journey based on a seamless user experience leads to better sales results. Our Camelot experts for CRM & Customer Experience support you with in-house developed services and solutions.

Camelot Differentiators for CRM & Customer Experience


Microsoft Teams Integration for SAP Customer Experience

Our solution integrates SAP Customer Experience and Microsoft Teams to help you boost sales productivity.


Microsoft SharePoint Integration for SAP Customer Experience

The integration of Microsoft SharePoint in the SAP Sales Cloud reduces the time required thanks to automation and allows you to work with SharePoint pages directly in the SAP Sales Cloud.


Microsoft Word Integration for SAP Customer Experience

With the Microsoft Word Integration for SAP Customer Experience you can improve document management and template creation


Marketing Segmentation Enhancement for SAP Customer Experience

Customer segmentation in SAP Sales Cloud: Camelot ITLab offers an enhancement for extensive customer segmentation in SAP CX, so that you can address the right customers from the SAP Sales Cloud.


CleverReach Integration for SAP Customer Experience

Automatic Synchronization with CleverReach: Camelot ITLab connects marketing and sales through the automated synchronization of target groups and campaigns between the SAP Sales Cloud and CleverReach.


LinkedIn and Xing Plug-In for SAP Customer Experience

Integrate LinkedIn into SAP CRM: Integrate the SAP Sales Cloud with the business networks LinkedIn & XING and make social selling more successful with the Camelot Business Network plug-in.


Amazon Alexa Skill for SAP Customer Experience

Voice Control for the SAP Sales Cloud: Sales representatives can now manage their customer visits from anywhere – using voice control through our Skill for Amazon Alexa.


Camelot Quick Start for SAP Customer Experience

The Camelot Quick Start Packages are an holistic, methodical approach for the secure introduction of the SAP Sales Cloud or SAP Marketing Cloud in companies – within 90 days and with outstanding planning reliability.


Sales Cockpit

With the help of the sales cockpit, your sales representatives can always stay informed and focus on the sales targets. Optimal visualization of your KPIs creates transparency and enables maximum target fulfillment!

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