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Microsoft Teams Integration for SAP Customer Experience

Taking sales team collaboration to the next level

Camelot’s solution integrates SAP Sales Cloud and Microsoft Teams to help you boost sales productivity.

Drive sales collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Connect SAP Sales Cloud to the powerful communication, meeting and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Our solution creates tailor-made work spaces with just one click, integrating real-time data from your accounts and opportunities.


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Why Microsoft Teams Integration for SAP Customer Experience?

Start collaborating right from SAP Sales Cloud

There is no need for complicated IT processes to set up your Teams or Channels and collaborate on accounts or opportunities. Our extension to the SAP Sales Cloud empowers users to create collaborative work spaces with just one click and bring everyone together to close deals faster.

Tailor the Teams experience to your sales

With process automation flows, your Microsoft Teams and Channels will be configured in no time. This includes channels structure, folders, apps, task lists and much more. After the configuration steps are completed, all relevant members will be invited and notified to hit the ground running.

Integrate real-time data from SAP Sales Cloud

Enrich your Teams channels with our SAP Sales Cloud app and bring account and opportunity data into the conversation. Connect to your colleagues or external stakeholders using native Microsoft Teams features such as calling and private chat right from the integrated SAP Sales Cloud application.

Why Camelot

It is in our DNA to transform processes holistically instead of patching only single parts. We leverage this mindset and our extensive expertise in SAP CX to create unique solutions for our customers. Solutions that bring together structured sales processes and unstructured productivity and collaboration activities.

Award-winning consultants​

Comprehensive consulting for your Customer Experience strategy from a single source: our consulting teams have received the Best of Consulting Award from WirtschaftsWoche multiple times.

SAP and Microsoft expertise

We know how to bring modern work practices to the sales and marketing processes, which are decisive for the success of a company.

Available in the SAP Store

The Microsoft Teams Integration for SAP Customer Experience is available in the SAP Store

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Roberto Wahl

Director Customer Experience

Expert for all SAP products in the SAP CX portfolio. His market and industry expertise comes from many years of planning and executing a wide variety of CRM initiatives for various companies from diverse industries.

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