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Supply Chain Risk Management

Companies are increasingly required to act as integrators faced with the task of controlling globalized supply chains that are growing more complex every day. In order to maintain overall control they need full visibility into their supply chain information and the ability to flexibly respond to emerging risks.
Many companies do not have a detailed grasp of their supply chain risks, which also means that they do not have a plan B that would help them mitigate or even eliminate the cost and the loss of revenue and customers associated with the occurrence of a risk.
In an increasingly competitive and service-driven market, supply chain risk management has become a strategic priority.

We rely on our proven concepts and customized IT support to help our customers implement a value-driven approach to risk control.
We start by identifying relevant risks. We then go on to assess these risks and their impact on the business and to define the measures needed to manage them. Finally, we will present advanced IT concepts to assist you in integrating supply chain risk management with intelligent supply chain controls.


  • Drastically mitigate / eliminate relevant risks
  • Reduce supply chain costs by up to 10 %
  • Achieve lasting improvements in customer satisfaction / service levels
  • Reduce lost sales / additional contribution margins

Value Chain re-design just a click away with Camelot’s ARENA-based value chain simulation framework

Before implementing new planning methods, re-organizing the supply chain or investing in risk management, simulation validates your business plan or even opens new opportunities. Camelot’s simulation framework offers realistic and efficient proof of concept and benefit evaluation by using state-of-the-art Arena Simulation.

Cost reduction, network optimization and risk reduction based on fact-based decisions

With our diverse supply chain optimization and simulation software tools we analyze tradeoffs between production, warehousing, transportation costs and service requirements in order to develop the optimal supply chain network structure, also under consideration of risk management aspects.

Our experts are always happy to help. Just leave us a note and we will reach out to you.

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