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SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Costing for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Improve your profits through active price and cost transparency from square one: with the price calculation of a new product and over the entire product development and manufacturing cycle.

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Implement price adjustments quickly​

The price calculation and costing of new products is often based on incomplete information as production location and suppliers are often uncertain during development. Changing conditions during the production process results in price adjustments. With SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (SAP PLC), a first, quick and clear estimate is possible, based on facts and independent of the data sources used – for reliable results from square one.

Why SAP Product Lifecycle Costing?

High profitability​

Consistently increase profitability for product development, offering and lifecycle costs by creating price models and business cases easily. Meet the challenges of constructing, sourcing and manufacturing a single product across multiple locations.​

Cost optimization with integrated data​

Presentation of cost scenarios during product design and flexible use of current production, market and sourcing data. We help you implement technical options to extend the SAP PLC solution and integrate external applications.​

Quick and cost-effecting market launch

Pricing and cost transparency throughout the entire product lifecycle. Parallel and iterative cost models enable competitive prices and economic benefits.​

Individual solution scenarios​

We develop solutions with both structured data (stock list, operating plans, business processes, etc.) as well as unstructured data (client-specific formulas, variable elements, text elements, etc.)

Why Camelot

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (SAP PLC) is an innovative solution with which you can analyze costing, evaluate and compare data, and follow future product costs to improve decision-making. Due to our well-developed supply-chain expertise from planning to execution, we know the specific parameters and requirement to optimize your product costing.​

SAP PLC implementation partner​

SAP chose us to be one of the first SAP PLC implementation partners considering our longstanding expertise.​

The right consultant balance​

When implementing SAP PLC, you will be supported by our consultants who have both well-founded process and IT expertise.​

Value chain experience ​

Benefit from our many years of experience along the entire value chain in a variety of industries.​

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Sven Buchwald​

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