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Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer

Cloud-based Optimization of Your Loading Dock​

Does truck activity at your loading docks seem impossible to plan? “Transparency” and “Track and Trace” are becoming increasingly important within supply chain management. Time slot management systems with integrated delivery management based on ongoing ETA calculations can make it possible to respond to deviations from the plan early on and reduce costs.​

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Knowing when the truck will arrive

Prevent detours before they occur and avoid deadline pressure. Action instead of reaction. These qualities come together in the Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer (DSO) in the simplest way. The solution, based on an SAP cloud, can be easily integrated into your processes and system landscape. The included app supports the use of Android and Apple devices. The app is in constant communication with the cloud and provides the relevant information for ongoing ETA determination. This enables faster, proactive communication to reduce costs and improve planning.

The DSO can be used across all industries, whether in retail or manufacturing. The DSO always plays to its strengths when it comes to making the most effective use of existing capacities, for example in a logistics center or chemical park.

Why Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer?

Reliable management​

The Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer ensures that your loading and unloading points are optimally utilized. This reduces waiting times, conserves resources and reduces logistics costs.

Efficiency enhancement​

Increase capacity by up to 25% through improved utilization, process optimization and supply chain visibility.​


Easy implementation through a cloud-based solution as well as planned integration in ERP and TMS systems.​

Ease of use

Clear layout and easy to use with click and drop: from the loading and unloading point overview down to the individual time slots

Why Camelot

The Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer supports companies in optimizing their loading processes, enabling complete transparency for all process participants and serves as a collaboration platform for cooperation between shippers, forwarders, carriers, and drivers. Existing capacities are used optimally and exceptions can be managed quickly and flexibly.​

Value chain experts

Camelot ITLab has been a specialist in transport, yard, and warehouse management processes for more than 20 years.​

From consultation to the solution​

We provide support from the logistics strategy to successful implementation.

Business & Innovation​

Our innovative solutions focus on rapid added value for your business with the use of innovative solutions​


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You’re struggling with dock scheduling? Camelot is solving this problem by digitalization of logistics network.


How do I know if a time slot will be kept?​

The estimated arrival time (ETA) for each time slot is continuously recalculated. If a deviation exceeds the tolerance, the status of the respective time slot changes​

As a driver, can I change the time slot?

Whether you are a consignee, logistics service provider or driver, it is always possible to change your time slot.​

How many loading or unloading points can be managed?​

There is no limit to the number of loading and unloading points that can be covered by the DSO.​

Can capacities for loading and unloading points be defined?​

Yes, you can define this per loading or unloading point for the purposes of capacity and resource planning.

How can I tell that a driver has reached his destination?​

Similar to a flight, the driver must check in, thus confirming arrival at the destination.

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