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Camelot Skill Pool Planning

Integrated Planning of Machine and Skilled Labor Capacities

Camelot Skill Pool Planning (CSP) solution for SAP PP/DS enables integrated planning of both machine and skilled labor capacities, which ensures feasibility of production plans as well as reliability of product availability.​

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Creating feasible plans

Camelot Skill Pool Planning is closing a major gap to create a feasible plan. It offers the integration of labor planning with all the complexity of available employee skill sets at production level. Companies are able to digitally model available skill sets. Also, users can define how much skill capacity is consumed while producing a certain product.​

Why Camelot Skill Pool Planning?

Integrated planning

Possibility to model complex skill matrices within SAP PP/DS, thereby allowing to integrate machine & skilled labor planning as a major constraint of capacity availability​

Control tower

Real-time visibility on skilled labor capacity utilization at production planning and scheduling.
This gives the opportunity to proactively adjust shifts or production plans.

Automated levelling

Consideration of alternative skilled labor pools with automated levelling functionality, to leverage system intelligence and support feasible plan creation

Feasible production plan

Integration of machine and skilled labor capacity ensures that production plans are feasible and can be realized as planned​

Why Camelot

The Camelot Skill Pool Planning concept is fully integrated in standard planning solutions. In combination with a strong end-to-end supply planning model, companies benefit from predictive planning, automated levelling, and improved customer service levels.​

Improved capacity utilization

CSP supports feasible & realistic production plan creation, which reduces the need for firefighting & short term rescheduling.​

Inventory Reduction

CSP ensures integrated and realistic planning, thereby reducing the degree of supply variability to buffer against.​

​Increase in service level​

CSP allows for realistic evaluation of available machine & skilled labor capacities, thereby increasing reliability of product availability.​

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