Camelot’s blockchain mission: enable customers to turn the theoretical benefits of the blockchain technology into business value. The following use cases will show you how.

Next Level Device Management

The Camelot Blockchain Accelerator for Mobile Device Management powered by SAP Leonardo offers a solution to end the re-usage of stolen smartphones. The pilot case with Deutsche Telekom showed how blockchain technology can drive data protection and privacy in business context in a productive way.

The Camelot ITLab accelerator features a blockchain-based list of mobile phone serial numbers and their owners that is accessible to all operators, smart phone producers and end customers. It can be used to blacklist lost or stolen mobile devices. If an operator blacklists a serial number, the information is shared with all participants of the blockchain network – safely and in real-time. This can prevent the device from being used with the SIM card of another provider.

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Data Protection

In case a device is lost or stolen, it can be easily locked. Blockchain is the ideal technology to store ownership information for mobile devices.

Ease of Tracking Information

Sharing a blockchain based blacklist across all stakeholders, will make it much easier to identify stolen devices.

Customer Satisfaction

A one stop solution for a customer who wants to protect sensitive information will increase loyalty and trust.

Sensor-Driven Track & Trace

For companies that specialize in supply chain, logistics and transport, and for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumer goods, effective tracking and tracing of the physical assets are a crucial part of value chain management.

Camelot Hypertrust Platform provides various advantages of blockchain technology for a more robust and reliable track and trace mechanism.


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Improve visibility of assets along the entire supply chain.


Gain consumer trust by providing provenance for production, manufacturing and shipment of the products.


Fight malicious activities such as counterfeit and theft.

Data Ownership in Healthcare

Patients often lack ownership of their own data caused by the still very analogue healthcare system. The data is distributed across several doctors and other
Healthcare facilities without the patient having access to them.

Blockchain and Camelot Hypertrust Platform enable a huge healthcare network in which patients will voluntarily share their health data for research purposes.

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Every patient controls his/her own and comprehensive patient file including all health data.

Data Ownership

Accessing a patient‘s data is only possible with his/her clear permission via smart contract.


The electronic file eliminates paper-based processes.

Uber-like Transportation Management

Collaborating with logistics providers often relies on tedious tendering processes. The market is dominated by big players.

A blockchain-based collaboration market place enables flexible and secure ad hoc relations between hitherto unkown business partners. All market place participants are required to have their own blockchain account. It ensures a clear verification and identification. Contracts are realized via smart contracts within the market place.


Secure and immutable documentation of contracts is ensured.


Tedious tendering processes are eliminated.

Open Market

Small companies can enter the market.

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