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Trusted Business Networks

Distributed Business Networks Enterprises Can Trust

Visibility and collaboration are key to some of the most crucial challenges of our times. To tackle these global issues, there is a need of trusted global collaboration within enterprise networks. The concept of Trusted Business Networks makes these work by guaranteeing data authenticity, data integrity and data protection at the same time. 

No company is an island

C02 tracking, supply chain regulations, like the German „Lieferkettengesetz“, and further complex global requirements have one thing in common: for successful realization, data has to be shared across company borders. In Trusted Business Networks this can be done in a trustful way without disclosing any business secrets to others. 

But what makes such a network trustworthy? What kind of trust is needed by the different participants? Which threads and gaps can even be accepted? Where to invest for best ROI?

Our unique approach does reveal those details, leading to an exactly fitting roadmap towards a distributed business network that is fulfilling the needs of all participants.

Creating smart solutions for difficult supply chain challenges is part of the Camelot DNA. Please have a closer look at our consulting services for decentral networks and any supply chain scenarios that require trust.

Strategy Consulting:
Enterprise Business Network

Business Case Assessment

We define and analyze the benefits of processes leveraging collaboration in business networks

Ecosystem & Consortium Development

We find, select and assemble network participants and define a joint collaboration model

Technology Roadmap

We assess and prioritize available technologies to build a realization roadmap

Executive Briefing

We collaborate in articulating strategic relevance and opportunities of enterprise business networks

Multi-Party System Architecture and Design

Use Case Assesment

We specify and validate multi-party collaboration scenarios and networked processes

Trust Relationship Analysis

We analyze trust requirements and assess interactions to build a trust score of relationships

Data Classification & Modeling

We prioritize and segment data along the end-to-end process reflecting trust and security criteria

Vetting Service

We review and assess existing scenarios or specifications to include an independent 3rd opinion

Privacy Preserving Implementation Services

End-to-end Encryption Methods

We assess and use encryption technologies that best serve requirements of entire processes

Intel SGX Development

We build dedicated implementations using state-of-the-art hardware protection capabilities

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

We employ cryptography methods to exchange knowledge without exposing private information

Hardware Security Module Integration

We integrate specialized internal or external devices for efficient and secure processing of cryptographic operations

Blockchain Implementation Services

Solution Design

We craft and design scenarios and solutions leveraging blockchain for trust and transparency

Setup & Configurationment

We assemble and build components to form a holistic blockchain solution stack

Blockchain Prototyping

We implement an alpha system version demonstrating intended blockchain characteristics

Solution Roll-out

We scale blockchain based systems to larger audiences by driving adoption in the eco-system

Living Decentralization – through Concepts and Solutions

Camelot is a pioneer in establishing cross-company collaboration processes using innovative technologies like distributed ledgers or confidential computing. More and more companies and organizations are meanwhile embarking into these collaborations in networks. Caused by increased regulation for supply chain transparency (German “Lieferkettengesetz”) or the desire to act sustainable (CO2 tracking).

However, acting in networks and in coordination with others requires new mechanisms and tools to be successful. Camelot has the experience and methodologies to accompany all steps on the path to a fruitful ecosystem collaboration. With decentralized architectures and activities in an established partner network (Dell, Intel, Open X-CELLerator Network) Camelot is living decentralization.

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Why Camelot for Trusted Business Networks

The current generation of complex business challenges won‘t be solved by any company in isolation. Trusted Business Networks are an essential piece to establish reliable and secure cross-company processes. A lot of initiatives only address parts of that complex challenge or act too timid in realization. This often results in sub-par outcomes and abandoned projects. Camelot has the unique perspective and experience to convert strategies into workable use cases and executable work packages.

Academic and Practical Background

Skilled scientifically and practically to put all-encompassing trust into entire solutions.

State-of-the-art Technologies

Using the best technology for the job to be done is paramount. Blockchain, confidential computing, hardware security and encryption all work together.

Industry Knowledge and Processes

Business outcomes determine success. With a clear objective in mind, tools and methodologies are applied serving relevant demands.

Lars Berneburg

Head of Sales Cloud & IT-as-a-Service

Your point of contact for cloud transformation requests and IaaS, including blockchain based closed-loop supply chain solutions.

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