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Blockchain Logistics Solutions

Secure Blockchain Solutions for Logistics

Logistics is a business that depends on several parties working together smoothly. Closer cooperation and greater shared data enable higher efficiency at lower costs, but also requires trust. By increasing security and transparency, Blockchain supports in building that trust.​

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Blockchain as an enabler for innovation in logistics ​

Blockchain technology ensures that shared data is reliable and enables the automation of cooperative processes. Blockchain gives you complete control over who is allowed to use which data and when. Based on this, completely new processes can be conceived and implemented.

Why Blockchain Logistics Solutions?

Hypertrust Track & Trace ​

Scanners and sensors that are cryptographically linked to the Hypertrust blockchain enable highly secure track and trace.​

Document exchange ​

Logistics requires the exchange of numerous documents between varoius partners. The Hypertrust blockchain can digitize and simplify. ​

Uber-like transport marketplace​

Hypertrust blockchain as the backbone of your transport marketplace. Open partnering, automated tendering, ​monitoring and rating.​

Zero-knowledge proof​

Camelot offers zero knowledge proof solutions backed by Dell and Intel hardware. Proofing one information without disclosing anything else. ​

Why Camelot

Camelot ITLab is a consulting firm that offers its clients tailor-made innovative solutions through the latest technologies and strong partnerships.​

Digital frontrunner​

Camelot was one of the first to invest and build capacity in Blockchain. Various USPs could be generated from our own research.​


Camelot is the preferred technology partner for Blockchain projects, partnering with SAP, DELL EMC, Intel, Deutsche Telekom and more.

​Combined technologies

In addition to the classic consulting skills, Camelot also has large in-house competence centers for AI, Big Data, IoT and mobile apps. ​

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Further Services and Solutions


Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer

Time slot management systems with integrated delivery management based on ongoing ETA calculations support better planning of truck activity at the loading ramp.



SAP TM is a flexible platform for managing all your transportation processes holistically and fully integrated into your enterprise services – enhanced by the industry-specific knowledge and experience of Camelot ITLab.


Elisa Asanagic

Elisa Asanagic

Head of Sales & Business Development Logistics

Your contact person for all topics around logistics – Elisa is accompanying organizations on their way to the right logistics services.

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