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Product Authentication & Brand Protection solution: AuthentiTrust

The pharmaceutical industry has invested hundreds of millions in serialization systems that do not authenticate the products but only write and read packaging codes. Our solution adds true authentication to serialization for a relatively small add-on. Furthermore, we provide a method to avoid costly product recalls and to re-introduce queried products into the legitimate supply chain.

Product Authentication and Brand Protection solution - AuthentiTrust

Top 5 challenges in Today’s Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Our brochure identifies the top 5 challenges and tells you why it is critical to solve them with AuthentiTrust:

  • Brand value protection
  • Authentication of recalls
  • Fight against counterfeits
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Added value industry services

Over the last 15 years, our partner nano4U has developed brand-protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions for various markets, especially in the context of the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. Nano4U‘s solutions are built on the premise that authentication starts with the product itself, not its packaging. This allows nano4U’s solutions to authenticate drugs without opening the packaging and destroying the drugs.

The combination of nano4U‘s authentication capabilities with Camelot‘s proven track record in the implementation of digital enterprise apps relieves our customers from potential integration difficulties. We jointly deliver peace of mind.

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