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Camelot Sapphire

Sapphire 2022 with Camelot ITLab ​

The FUTURE Roadmap for Resilience

Resilience is one of the most pressing business topics of our times. It means adapting fast to the New Now with all its challenges and chances. During Sapphire 2022 - SAP's global world tour - Camelot is presenting the FUTURE Roadmap for Resilience.


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Watch our 2022 Camelot Sapphire vision video with insights from Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of the CAMELOT Consulting Group

The Camelot FUTURE Roadmap for Resilience will take you on a journey to the digital future

The way forward is together

Allow us to be your guide on your journey to becoming a more resilient organization.

Find the right Strategy

How to adapt strategy to risk management? The right strategy may look very different for every company, depending on industry, size and many parameters more.

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Unleash Sustainability

Climate change affects us all and therefore sustainability and climate protection should be integral part of all business-related decisions.

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Take it to the Cloud

Digitalization is key to stronger, more innovative, more flexible systems to tackle the challenges of the New Now.

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Utilize Digital Tools

Leverage our innovative Camelot business accelerators and systems of Differentiation and Intelligence to further enhance and tune SAP solutions for faster and informed decision making in uncertain times

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Ramp up your Organization

When talking about transformation and change, leaders should never forget that it always starts with people.

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Evolve and Adapt

Becoming more resilient, more sustainable and ready for the future, is not a one-time project, but an ongoing journey.

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Aseem Gaur, Executive Vice President
As a strategic co-development partner of SAP we are once again excited to participate in this year’s special SAPPHIRE event. As always we appreciate the opportunity to present our latest innovations and solutions and to exchange with our customers and the global SAP Community.


Aseem Gaur

Executive Vice President

Seasoned business executive with 20+ years of global experience heading growth markets and strategic alliances.

Julia Hauri

Head of Competence Center

Expert with strong focus on transformation and innovation in the area of digital value chain management-

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