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Camelot Differentiators for Supply Chain Management – Logistics

Higher efficiency at lower costs and increased security and transparency: Future-ready logistics solutions by Camelot ITLab

Enhancing Logistics ​with Innovative Technologies

With our expertise in transport, yard, and warehouse management processes, Camelot ITLab is taking logistics to the next level. Our solutions support clients to improve their supply chain execution.

Camelot Differentiators for Supply Chain Management – Logistics


Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer

Time slot management systems with integrated delivery management based on ongoing ETA calculations support better planning of truck activity at the loading ramp.


Camelot Logistics Analyzer

Visibility is the foundation of network analysis and optimization, and can be achieved through Camelot’s Logistics Analyzer. Beyond that, the solution provides you with the ability to identify shortcomings of the underlying logistics data, which are often neglected.


Blockchain Logistics Solutions

Closer cooperation and greater shared data enable higher efficiency at lower costs, but also require trust. By increasing security and transparency, Blockchain supports in building that trust.

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