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Camelot Material Data Analyzer

Get Rid of Inactive Materials & Increase Profits

Did you ever pay for a subscription and never used it? Something similar can happen in your database with inactive materials: You allocate and pay for resources for them, but never use them. The solution: Camelot Material Data Analyzer (CamelotMDA).

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Identify Inactive Materials in 2 Weeks

CamelotMDA helps you to examine whether a material is used actively or not. It identifies whether the material still provides an active value contribution for business processes by analyzing the associated transactional and master data like sales documents or stock levels. Thus, you obtain a fast and detailed report of unused materials using CamelotMDA.

When to Deploy CamelotMDA?

During a SAP S/4HANA implementation to reduce the amount of data to be handled

While planning data quality initiatives within your organization

Reducing the warehouse management costs by optimizing the inventory levels

Why Camelot Material Data Analyzer?

Reduce your materials up to 20%

Reduce the effort for data cleansing by eliminating unused materials

Reduce your inventory levels by 25%

Drive down warehouse management costs by reducing the amount of unused stocks

Difference is measurable

Deploy CamelotMDA and secure a positive ROI in less than 12 months

Compare with 30 Referencing Objects

CamelotMDA checks the appearance of materials within 30 Referencing Objects

Easy to use as a service

Introduce the solution in your organization without any major implementation efforts

Also available as on-premise solution

Solution can be directly used in your environment

Why Camelot

Camelot is one of the leading consulting companies in the area of master data management with a long track record of successful projects in multiple industries. We combine deep knowledge of business processes with a trusted expertise in data management and integrated these insights into the CamelotMDA solution.


​No.1 in Master Data Management with 25+ years of experience along with constant growing customer base

Innovation focus

Our solution benefit from our long-term focus on innovation in data management

Best Practices

Proven track record of 200+ successful customer projects and along with best practices tailored to your processes

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