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SAP Supply Chain Management

SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) is a comprehensive and flexible tool for mapping your cross-company supply chain processes. Camelot ITLab has many years of extensive project experience in introducing and optimizing SAP SCM. With this SAP solution and a lean SCM approach individually customized to your requirements, we make it possible for you to significantly shorten processing and lead times, reduce inventory levels, increase supply readiness, improve delivery compliance, and optimize inventory and capacity planning across all of the relevant partners in your logistics network. To put it briefly, you will achieve a reduction in supply chain costs while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

As a Special Expertise Partner for SAP SCM, Camelot ITLab can offer you:

  • Many years of project and industry experience in the SCM environment
  • Conception, design and development of customer-specific enhancements, as well as scalable architectures with high-availability, which can be cleanly integrated into your existing ERP infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of interfaces to SAP ECC, legacy and non-SAP systems
  • Extensive add-ons that supplement the standard SAP system, such as planning with advanced heuristics
  • Parameter optimization, to make full use of the capabilities of your SCM systems

supply chain

Each industry and company has special requirements and processes that must be taken into account when developing a sustainable SCM solution. Companies in the chemical industry, for example, have different challenges compared with companies in the automobile industry. These specific circumstances are also reflected in the design of each particular SCM solution. With our extensive process and industry expertise, we can provide you with custom solutions and comprehensive support throughout all phases of implementing SAP SCM.


Starterkits SAP SCM

We have developed complete scenarios to plan and optimize your supply chain processes to give you an overview of the functions and benefits of SAP SCM that can be quickly reflected in your industry-specific processes.

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