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SAP MDG for Suppliers (MDG-S)

For efficient supplier management, where procurement counts as a value driver for the entire company, a stable and reliable database is essential.

To date, companies have followed a strategically inadequate approach to the maintenance of supplier master data. The complex interrelationships of purchasing organizations, company codes and business partners make it difficult to efficiently maintain master data. This is particularly the case if the maintenance processes and the system landscape have not been centralized. In addition to the purchasing department, the accounting department also requires access to supplier master data in order to maintain accounting views, as well as bank data and control data of business partners. Supplier relationships can become strained if, for instance, invoices cannot be settled due to insufficient master data in suppliers’ bank data.

SAP MDG-S offers you a solution that is not only compatible with your SAP ERP, but which also reuses any data structures, checks and validations already available there. The integration of MDG-S into your system landscape, on the basis of SAP ERP, thus presents an effective way to harmonize your supplier master data by means of a central control facility. The rule-based workflows in MDG-S facilitate the involvement of all the parties charged with the task of maintaining supplier master data. The simple integration of address data validations or the incorporation of external services, such as the comparison VAT registration numbers or Dun & Bradstreet data, improve the data quality, facilitate correct evaluations and provide the basis for the observance of legal regulations.

The MDG Consolidation can be used for the migration of your existent master data. The data from different source systems can be consolidated to “golden records” supported by specific processes. This ensures data correctness and the creation of duplicates can be avoided.

With its project experience and expertise, Camelot ITLab constitutes a first-class partner in the successful implementation of your requirements in the area of supplier master data. Together, we define all the specific requirements of your MDG-S solution and develop a corresponding design, which is implemented for the long term.

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