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SAP MDG Reference Data Management

Enhancing SAP MDG for Integrated Reference Data Management​

Camelot's reference data management solution leverages the extensibility of SAP MDG with a generic framework for maintaining reference data. The application addresses the three key challenges: standardization, process transparency and governance.

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​Governance of reference data​

With Camelot‘s Reference Data Management solution, the creation and maintenance of reference data is fully governed within SAP MDG. This helps to trace the creation and maintenance of reference data and to assure absolute consistency among the systems. Additionally, MDG’s 4-eye-principle is taken into consideration to ensure that there is no corrupt data being processed and all relevant stakeholders are involved.​


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Avoid breakdowns across distributed business processes

The solution enables organizations to run a well-defined company-wide reference data maintenance process ​

​Improve overall data quality

The solution introduces a capable transparent change process for reference data which reduces rework costs of wrongly maintained data ​

Establish end to end data governance

With the solution reference data has to be only maintained once centrally enabling complete control over changes​

Reduce rework costs

Easy identification of information owners responsible for certain data including analysis system usage


The solution enables you to fully standardize reference data across all business units and countries bringing in a capable transparent change process for reference data. Users can also enrich reference data objects (e.g. different languages for texts) which will be automatically synchronized. The solution enables process transparency for all stakeholders via transparent and comprehensible maintenance of reference data in one central place. This includes full traceability of changes via change documents and involvement of all relevant stakeholders via dedicated receiver determination functionality. Also, companies can achieve complete governance over changes by reusing established master data governance principles for reference data. Reference data from standard and custom tables can be governed. Customizable workflow with dynamic agent determination.

Why SAP MDG Reference Data Management?


Standardization of reference data across all business units and countries

​Process transparency

Reference data gets maintained extremely transparent and comprehensible ​


All essential data is maintained in a governed environment to have control over its changes.

Integrated customizing

Users gain integrated customizing definitions to meet their requirements

Why Camelot

Our expert teams at Camelot ITLab offer full cycle SAP MDG implementation experience for all data objects. The best practices we’ve established can provide you the opportunity to enhance your SAP MDG Reference Data Management.​

Rich expertise

No.1 innovation and integration partner in Master Data Management

Strong track record​

Strong track record of successful MDM projects in a large variety of industries​


Offering early insights and valuable references in innovation projects​

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SAP MDG is a state-of-the-art solution to govern your master data objects – with Camelot ITLab as your global No. 1 partner for implementations.


Thomas Tolksdorf​

Head of Data Management Technology

Leader of the profit center for Data Management Technology at Camelot ITLab. He has more than 15 years of experience in international SAP Data Management projects.

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