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Sourcing & Procurement

As an answer to growing insecurities and complexities coupled with the digitization of value chains, the optimization of processes and IT solutions is becoming a key issue for purchasing departments.

A major objective here is to minimize the role of purchasers in day-to-day operations and to allow them to focus on strategic tasks. Strategic purchasing aims to minimize supply risks by placing more importance on supplier transparency and control. This is another area where companies need to improve process efficiency and realize savings.

Many companies have yet to fully standardize and digitize their purchasing processes. In the past, the focus was largely on optimizing direct operational purchasing. The potential of strategic and direct operational purchasing, however, still remains to be fully realized.

Talk to our experts to find out how you can empower your purchasing department. Leverage our extensive expertise in purchasing solutions and our approach to process consulting and change management. You can rely on Camelot as your one-stop shop expert resource.

Here are some real-life examples of our customer-centric solutions:

  • Implementation of complex purchasing processes and deep integration with Financial Accounting and Production Planning in SAP ERP implementations
  • Differentiated supplier management with SAP SLC
  • Functional and technical integration of a cloud-based purchasing solution with SAP FI

Next-generation sourcing

Our affiliate CAMELOT Management Consultants offers specific tools, concepts and change management approaches to optimize the contribution of the sourcing function towards company success.

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