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SAP HANA is an in-memory technology from SAP geared to maximum performance which is marketed as a combined hardware and software solution (appliance). Using SAP HANA, it is possible to achieve vast performance improvements for a host of SAP products that would have once been unimaginable. This solution allows mass data to be processed and analyzed in near real time, without a pre-aggregation of the data. Besides what is probably the most well-known application scenario BW on HANA, a whole series of other HANA solutions are available today such as Business Suite on HANA or SAP SCM on HANA, for example.


Key advantages of SAP HANA are:

  • Complex analysis scenarios are now possible at the touch of a button
  • Simulation of complex business processes
  • Seamless integration of SAP applications
  • Simplified and reusable data model
  • Faster reporting results on the basis of current data
  • Support of near real-time replication

As a consulting and development partner of SAP AG, Camelot ITLab GmbH is happy to support you in taking your first steps toward in-memory technology with SAP HANA, and will advise on developing individual solutions.

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