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SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP IBP is a product suite that consists of IBP Sales and Operations (S&OP), IBP Demand, IBP Inventory, IBP Supply, IBP Response, and Supply Chain Control Tower. At the moment, SAP IBP is a cloud-only solution. It accesses relevant master and transaction data found in on-premise ERP and APO systems that is integrated with SAP HANA using either HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) or Excel spreadsheets.

SAP IBP on SAP HANA also supports the development of innovative and intuitive user interfaces based on SAP Fiori (UI5), allowing users to conveniently access it on their mobiles devices.

Camelot invested in the development of SAP IBP expertise very early on and, as an SAP partner, was actively involved in the continued development of the solution. Working closely with SAP SE, Camelot is currently developing a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for a best practice S&OP solution for SAP IBP on SAP HANA.

SAP IBP provides complete audit trails for a company’s Excel-based material requirement and demand planning. Planners can continue to work in their familiar environment while benefiting from the advantages of a professional business software¬† that enables them to make informed decisions based on reliable figures and simulation results. They can optimize safety stock levels and delivery quantities and eliminate forecasting errors.

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