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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Maximum warehouse space utilization, highly efficient warehouse movements, increased demands on processing speeds, and utmost transparency are more important than ever in a world that is growing more connected every day. Warehouse logistics are becoming a service center that allows companies to efficiently accommodate rising customer expectations. Today, flexibility trumps statically defined processes and automation has found its way into the warehouse.

SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management enables you to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse processes and plan ahead more accurately. The product gives you flexible ways to automate the processing of your warehouse movements and the management of your warehouse inventory.

Other than the SAP Inventory Management (MM-IM) application component, EWM allows you to map your entire warehouse complex in detail all the way down to the storage bin level. This gives you complete visibility into the quantity of individual products in your warehouse and enables you to track the exact location of any given product in your warehouse.

SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management adds flexibility and automation to your warehouse and distribution logistics and gives you more visibility into and control over your large warhouse complex. You can optimize storage bin utilization and warehouse movements and manage inventories from multiple locations with random storage in a single system.

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