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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management provides end-to-end supply chain visibility and accelerates decision making. It provides a process-driven approach to planning, designing, managing, and developing processes both within and between businesses.

IT-based supply chain management solutions enable you to accelerate and streamline your supply chain. They integrate processes across company lines and ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility. They provide you with the means to monitor agreed service levels and guarantee your ability to deliver. You gain visibility into potential supply chain risks, allowing you to efficiently manage them. Explore market changes in real time and plan accordingly to substantially reduce warehousing costs.

When properly implemented, a digitized supply chain can offer many benefits for your business. Make the most of these opportunities and tap into our unrivalled SAP Supply Chain Management expertise.

Our team of experts understands the complexities of your industry and will implement a solution that best meets your current and future supply chain management needs.

As a Special Expertise Partner for SAP SCM, Camelot ITLab can offer you:

  • many years of SCM-related project and industry experience
  • planning, design, and development of customer-specific enhancements and of scalable and highly available architectures for the seamless integration with existing ERP infrastructures
  • monitoring of interfaces with SAP ECC as well as legay and third-party systems
  • comprehensive add-ons to expand standard SAP capabilities such as Planning with Advanced Heuristics
  • parameter optimization to exploit the full potential of your SAP systems

End to end approach

Our affiliate CAMELOT Management Consultants offers concepts, methods and solutions that prepare your supply chain management organization for future developments and sustainable improvement.

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