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SAP Ariba

Purchasing departments are increasingly pressured to realize savings for their companies while minimizing supply risks. Tapping the full potential of IT solutions can make the competitive difference here. Many companies, however, are struggling with high server costs, increasingly complex system environments, and excessive customer-specific adjustments. This results in skyrocketing costs for purchasing tools and places heavy demands on a company’s IT expertise.

Best-in-class companies increasingly rely on the cloud and software-as-a-service solutions delivered by SAP Ariba to overcome these challenges. The combination of SAP Ariba’s powerful purchasing tools, Ariba’s worldwide network of suppliers, and Camelot’s best practice tools gives companies an effective and efficient way to realize savings and achieve lasting improvements in their supplier relationships.

Hybrid scenarios in particular make it straightforward for companies to quickly and cost-efficiently compensate the shortcomings of existing on-premise solutions and to expand their purchasing portfolio with the best practice solutions in Ariba’s cloud.

Ariba is your key to proven best practice solutions and successful purchasing. Ariba solutions are exceptionally user-friendly and integrate easily with existing systems and suppliers worldwide, providing the basis for timely and results-driven collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. SAP Ariba also accelerates purchasing processes and reduces the risk of error. Your operational purchasing benefits from shorter lead times and less inventory.

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