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S/4HANA - the Foundation for Enterprise Digitalization

The digital transformation is fundamentally changing the expectations customers and business partners place on markets and companies. Business and supplier networks, technologies like the cloud, mobile computing and big data, and not to forget the internet of things (IoT) generate a steady stream of opportunities and need to be woven into the fabric of the business architecture. It is not enough to simply digitize processes or transform IT systems – the key is to come up with innovative ideas and to develop new and groundbreaking business models.

SAP S/4HANA – the next-generation SAP Business Suite – provides businesses with the foundation they need to make the transition to the digital age. Powered by innovative solutions and a digital core, S/4HANA enables companies to build a flexible, agile and future-proof business architecture from the ground up.


Entering the digital age with SAP S/4HANA

There are three dimensions to taking you company to the digital age with SAP S/4HANA that you need to consider:

Camelot_Strategy Strategy

  • What are the business models that will help my business break away from the competition?
  • How can we incorporate innovative solutions to drive digitization?
  • What can we do to prepare for the future and protect our investment in these solutions?

Camelot_features   Functionality

  • What are the simplest, most efficient, and most intuitive ways to implement business processes with SAP S/4HANA?
  • What are the groundbreaking features it delivers and how can we benefit from them?
  • What are the opportunities that the more complex simulations, real-time analytics, and real-time processing in SAP S/4HANA have to offer?

Camelot_Technology  Technology

  • How can SAP S/4HANA help simplify our existing IT architecture?
  • How can this platform reduce complexity while increasing agility, performance, transparency, and automation?
  • What are the advantages of working with cutting-edge, forward-thinking technologies like in-memory, cloud, and role-based user interfaces with Fiori?
  • How can we use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to implement new technologies across a wide variety of architectures?

Having a reliable and knowledgeable partner at your side will enable you to answer these questions, to plan and execute your digital transformation, and to introduce, harmonize or replace systems and features. Let us put our expertise to work for you and turn your digital transformation into a lasting success.


An overview of our services

In order to provide a solid foundation for your digital transformation, there are certain fundamental decisions you need to make ahead of time:

  • What are our business goals?
  • What technologies do we need to realize them?
  • Which deployment options are right for us?
  • How can we align our architecture with our processes and organizational structures?

Based on our three-phase process for the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, we will discuss these questions with you, find the right answers, and use them to achieve the best results for you.

From Innovations to solutions.

Camelot_Strategy Strategy Camelot_Transformation  Transformation Camelot_Improvement Continuous Improvement
  • Readiness check
  • Business & process analysis
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Identification of optimization potentials
  • Evaluation of operating model & transition concept
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • Custom development
  • Digital transformation with S/4HANA
  • Training
  • Change management
  • Enhancements
  • Integration of cloud services
  • Improvement of user experience
  • Fiori development



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