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SAP Analytics Cloud

Business departments often rely on the quick availability of reports that they can compile according to their specific requirements and access even while on the go. Tapping into enterprise-wide reporting processes, however, is often a rather difficult and time-consuming process, which is why SAP introduced its first cloud-based reporting tool with SAP Analytics Cloud. It is also the perfect solution for companies whose reporting is still in its infancy.

SAP Analytics Cloud is an extremely user-friendly cloud reporting tool for all analytics use cases that delivers a wealth of functionality. The tools is based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. There is no need to store the data in the cloud, though, it can remain in the data sources, eliminating all security concerns.

Users can access visually powerful and easy-to-grasp visualizations with charts, tables, texts, and graphs. They can be created by dragging and dropping individual elements. Colors, fonts, and captions can be customized. Overall, SAP Analytics Cloud delivers reporting, planning and predictive analysis capabilities.

SAP Analytics Cloud, with its intuitive handling and a wide range of functionality, meets the demands that business departments place on timely and customized reporting and is the perfect solution for companies looking to establish a reporting system. Camelot’s IT consultants will assist you in implementing SAP Analytics Cloud. Work with us to set up the cloud reporting tool and integrate it with your existing SAP solutions.

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