Configurable, complex and automatic segmentation runs with full system integration


Explore your business process data with the Camelot Analysis Toolbox to identify value improvements


Differentiate data by configuring the Camelot Intelligence Engine with best-practice segmentation logic


Schedule a regular and flexible execution of your configuration to automate previously manual processes

Camelot Segement & Strategize is SAP Certified and built on SAP Cloud Platform

Camelot Segment & Strategize

Tailored to your business needs

From Exploration to Operation in Supply Chain Planning
Camelot Segment & Strategize consists of five building blocks ensuring best-fitting strategy assignment & configuration based on segmentation and enabled by continuous improvement loops.

Data input as basis for segmentation; analysis, identification and definition of relevant segmentation criteria
Multi-dimensional value driven segmentation of any kind of business object based on machine learning (artificial intelligence)
Identification and assignment of tailored strategies to identified segments
Definition of best-fitting parameters based on / detailing the assigned strategies
Monitor segmentation results and continuously improve segmentation,
strategy assignment and parametrization to optimize your supply chain performance

Data input and analysis

Parameterized upload and enrichment of required information from systems or files as basis of a segmentation run


Maintenance of connections to various available on-premise or cloud-based systems

Data Upload

Selection of required data for segmentation runs using associations, filter and accounts

Criteria Definition

Enrichment with library of predefined calculation modules or user-defined formulas

Segmentation criteria chosen and calculated if necessary

Value-oriented segmentation

Relevant characteristics of business objects are utilized to create user-defined segments and the intermediate results can be analyzed


Flexible, multi-dimensional value driven segmentation of any kind of business object based on ML (machine learning; artificial intelligence)

User-defined segmentation

Segmentation is conducted based on user-defined segmentation criteria – “segmentation for purpose”


Predefined best-practice segmentations available

Clearly defined segments according to user-defined criteria and thresholds

Strategy and parameter assignment

Uploaded data is enriched with user-defined or predefined strategies or calculated parameters based on the previously defined segments


Identification, selection and assignment of best-suited strategy to defined segments

Calculated Parameters

Assign formulas to calculate parameters based on the segmentation


Predefined strategies catalogs for specific segmentation scenarios available

Strategies passed on to all objects within the respective segment

Automatic configuration

Supply chain parameters and strategies are assigned automatically in manual or automatic, scheduled segmentation runs.

Scheduled Segmentation Jobs

Assignment or calculation of supply chain parameters per business object (e.g. product, customer) based on the executed segmentation

System parameterization

Constant update of parameters with scheduled segmentation jobs or remotely triggered segmentation runs

Up-to-date supply chain configuration enabled by segmentation based on current supply chain characteristics

Performance-based learning

Regular monitoring and reporting of supply chain performance enables a closed feedback loop to constantly improve segmentation, strategy assignment and configuration mechanisms

Data Exploration

Exploration modules for in-depth assessment of demand forecasting, inventory processes, rhythm wheel planning, etc.

Segmentation Results

Detailed results of every manual, remotely triggered or scheduled segmentation run available

Constant monitoring of performance based on segmentation results

Why Camelot Segment & Strategize?

Configurable, complex and automatic segmentation runs with full system integration

Use an unlimited amount of segmentation criteria and segment definitions to fully match your individual requirements


Schedule fully configured segmentation scenarios for automatic execution and full system integration to be run as often as required

Segmentation Jobs

Enrich your data with delivered and custom calculation modules, leveraging predictive and AI capabilities

Advanced Criteria

Proven Results

The Camelot Segment & Strategize extensive functionalities for a self-adapting supply chain with automatic segmentation and strategic parameter definition. Companies using the Camelot Segment & Strategize have achieved enormous benefits, such as:


Inventory management

30% inventory reduction
50% stock-out reduction


Production management

40% changeover time reduction
60% demand variability reduction


Business planning

50% dramatic effort reduction
3% forecast accuracy improvement

Cloud-Based Microservice

Camelot Segment & Strategize is not supposed to replace existing solutions. It is a microservice, focusing on the core process: Extracting data, calculating segmentation criteria, segment, strategize and returning the results. Hosted on the SAP Cloud Platform by Camelot, it is immediately available for customers. To ensure performance, security and openness, it utilizes several innovational SAP technologies like HANA 2.0, HANA XS Advanced, SAPUI5, NodeJS, R, HANA PAL, Cloud Foundry and more.


How can I find out more about Segment & Strategize and see an application demo?
We offer you free demonstration of our tools to get a first look & feel of the solution and to explain the functionality. Just request a demo via contact form here.

What does Camelot charge for using Segment & Strategize?
Segment & Strategize is offered in a subscription model with a monthly license fee. The fee involves three components: A monthly basis fee, a fee for used storage space and a fee per successful segmentation run. Contact us to learn more about the Segment & Strategize subscription model.

Which deployment options exist for running Segment & Strategize?
Segment & Strategize is only available as a public cloud solution. It is hosted and administered by Camelot and runs in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment. This ensures state-of-the-art user management, security, stability, and availability.

How are feature upgrades or updates distributed to customers?
We are continuously extending our solutions with new functionalities that are published every 4 months. Bugfixes are released in patches every 4 weeks. Customers are informed about the included changes. Both updates and upgrades don’t require application downtime.

Which system landscape is required in order to use Segment & Strategize?
Segment & Strategize is designed to work with various systems both on premise and in the cloud. It requires OData interfaces to communicate both with source and target systems. If your system doesn’t support OData or in case of complex scenarios involving data from multiple source systems combined, a middleware solution is used.

I would like to implement Segment & Strategize. How do I get started?
Please use the contact form on this website to get in touch with us. We will contact you directly to explain the implementation approach and clarify open questions.

I would like to extend a business process with automated segmentation. Is my process supported by Segment & Strategize?
Yes. Segment & Strategize is not limited to specific processes, systems or data structures. However, complex calculations of your specific segmentation criteria might not be covered by existing calculation modules. In this case, we will extend our solution accordingly during implementation.

What is the Camelot Intelligence Engine and how does it relate to Segment & Strategize?
It is the technological basis of Segment & Strategize built on SAP HANA and SAP Leonardo technology. The Camelot Intelligence Engine extracts, enriches and pushes data from various systems in either manually triggered or scheduled runs. Learn more about the Camelot Intelligence Engine here.

How does Segment & Strategize relate to other products from Camelot?
Segment & Strategize is a microservice that aims to extend enterprise IT systems. This includes Camelot products such as the Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite for SAP. We offer a deep integration of Segment & Strategize into these solutions in the form of predefined profiles, but are in no way limited to them.

Release Notes

Our dedicated expert team adds new features to the software components on a regular basis. For more details, have a look at our latest release notes.

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Camelot’s Segment & Strategize experts ensure that your systems are running smoothly at all times and support your business with the technical guidance needed. Customers can reach out to our support team via our integrated ticket system.
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