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Starterkits SAP SCM

Starterkit Pharma

The scenarios for the pharmaceutical industry models are complete production and packaging processes including granulation, pelletizing and coating. It maps the global supply network for several production sites and marketing companies, set up as regional and local distribution centers.

Camelot SCM best-practice processes

  • Multistage sales planning process
  • Combined budget and sales planning
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Ingredient procurement planning, tablet production and packaging within the supply network
  • Campaign planning and optimization
  • QM planning (Camelot add-on)
  • Demand-led requirements planning for packaging with Camelot Advanced Heuristics
  • Synchronized production and packaging processes with the Camelot Lean Rhythm Wheel
  • Optimization of setup time
  • Alert monitor and exception handling, from sales planning, to network planning, all the way to production fine planning


Starterkit Chemicals

The Camelot ITLab starterkits for the chemical industry are divided into special scenarios for single industry segments (e.g. petrochemicals, special chemicals and fine chemicals). They each contain extensive production and packaging processes, including crystallization, chlorination and polymerization. They also model integrated global planning processes alongside local production controls in a multistaged network with customer, distribution centers and production plants.

Camelot SCM best-practice processes

  • Multistage sales planning process
  • Margin-based sales planning processes linked to a contingency process
  • Medium-term production planning: resource-oriented, margin-oriented, multistage offer and demand links for products with several sources of supply
  • Production and fine planning: Coproduction, cyclical BOM, continual and batch production, storage resources, block planning, production control with dynamic setup times, planning with alternative resources
  • Alert monitor and exception handling, from sales planning, to network planning, all the way to production fine planning

Camelot ITLab has many years’ consulting experience in the process industry. As partner to countless companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, our advisers have in-depth awareness of the current challenges and new developments. This process know-how and experience are bundled in the starterkits for SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) specially tailored to the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry. Typical supply chain and demand management processes are modeled in the starter kits, with planning processes at the forefront of the solution.

We have developed complete scenarios to plan and optimize your supply chain processes to give you an overview of the functions and benefits of SAP SCM that can be quickly reflected in your industry-specific processes. The preconfigured processes ensure fast adaptation to customer-specific needs and an affordable implementation – and a speedy start to supply chain management.

The Camelot starterkits combine a fixed-price offer for the software test license, a hardware lease for up to two months, and professional coaching and support from Camelot ITLab.

A focused assessment workshop is held by experienced SCM consultants to elaborate the optimal best-practice planning scenarios for your company, tailored to your business requirements. Our consultants’ support ensure you can experience and judge the potential of these business processes in the latest version of SAP SCM.

The final result contains a “benefit case” based on the assessment workshop and your evaluation.

Your benefits for Pharma and Chemicals

  • A ready-to-start system in the latest version of SAP SCM
  • Benefit from best-practice processes and Camelot’s industry expertise
  • Industry-specific master data as the basis for your evaluation
  • Support from our experienced and qualified consultants
  • Offers all the potential of SAP SCM
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