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Camelot LEAN Suite

Traditional supply chain planning approaches cannot handle today’s challenges of the process industry like variability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity as they were tailored to operate in a stable and predictive business environment. Therefore the LEAN Supply Chain Planning approach supported by the Camelot LEAN Suite serves to ensure a steady flow of material and reliable information along a demand driven supply chain.

To facilitate this change of paradigm CAMELOT developed the Rhythm Wheel as the core of every agile supply chain responding to actual demand based on consumption based requirements through Demand Driven Supply and Inventory Planning. To ensure a lean parameterization of the Supply Chain CAMELOT completes its product portfolio with the Stock Parameter Optimization – setting the right inventory figures in order to make full use of the Rhythm Wheel and demand driven methodology.


The Product

The Rhythm Wheel Designer (RWD) supports the production planner in the creation of an optimized production sequence and defining the cycle time through ad-hoc calculation of the operational KPIs (e.g. OEE, Utilization). Using well proven algorithms and providing decision support, the Rhythm Wheel Designer enables the planner to set up the core of a LEAN Supply Chain – the ideal Rhythm Wheel Design.

Using the tactical parameters specified within the RWD the Rhythm Wheel Heuristic (RWH) creates a finite production plan scheduled within an optimal sequence applying automated levelling if required.
Using the Rhythm Wheel Monitor (RWM) users can easily identify issues and drill down to the root-cause in order to initiate necessary adjustments such as changing the automated levelling or adjusting the RW cycle time.

Variability and complexity are two major challenges for every supply chain. The Camelot LEAN Suite component for Stock Parameter Optimization (SPO) considers both demand and supply variability for the calculation of optimized safety stock and inventory replenishment level (IRL) for all stock keeping units (SKU).

SPO increases satisfaction by shortening lead times to customers and keeps allocated and reliable stock. It takes care of all parameters relevant to LEAN supply chain planning making use of the Rhythm Wheel Methodology.

The Camelot LEAN Suite for Demand Driven Supply Inventory Planning (DDSIP) ensures better planning capability by combining consumption based replenishment and forecast based planning. Making full use of an agile Supply Chain forecast errors are eliminated through replenishment based on actual customer demand and service levels are increased whilst reducing the necessary inventories.


Key Benefits

  • Reducing Supply Chain nervousness
  • Reducing inventories and write-offs
  • Optimum Supply chain parameterization
  • Integrated E2E supply chain planning

For further information please click here or listen to Jens Rieder, Product Manager Camelot LEAN Suite, talking about the  highlights of the product.

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Carol Ptak, Co-Founder and President of the Demand Driven Institutes about Camelot LEAN Suite.

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