Real-time information

Camelot’s innovative Dock Schedule Optimizer (DSO) App is a standalone cloud solution based on SAP and HERE technologies. By enabling real-time information sharing between the various players of a logistics network, DSO dramatically improves and digitalizes logistics network operations with a focus on dock scheduling.


The DSO App comprises an

Easy-to-use and fully integrated responsive web app for truck drivers
Intuitive scheduler app for the dock scheduler / hub operator to supervise and manage dock appointments

Icon Doc Schedule App 1Cost improvement through reducing waiting times by 20 to 0%

Icon Doc Schedule App 3Need for parking spaces on the factory premises reduced by 20 to 0%

Icon Doc Schedule App 2Completion of 10% to 0% more freight orders per time unit

Icon Doc Schedule App 4Flexible and fast integration of new business partners in the network with real-time and direct communication between truck driver and hub operator.

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