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Camelot TM Extensions

The Camelot Transportation Management enhancement to SAP Lumira enables you to visualize the routes traveled (e.g. by air, sea, or land) based on detailed maps and to graphically highlight their frequency.

In this, SAP Lumira takes a whole new BI approach that supports the convenient analysis and visualization of business-relevant data from diverse sources in real time.

In order to allow you to make the most of this enhancement, you can also choose to look at your worldwide sales regions by sales, product portfolio, top-selling products, and other interesting aspects.

The ability to graphically highlight your most frequent routes makes it easier for you to optimize your routing even when dealing with large volumes of data.

The map view, for example, enables you to visualize your data by cost, weight, volume, or quantity.

Color coding gives you even more visibility into your company’s different regions and allows you to prepare insightful management reports.

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