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Annotation and IFRS Notes solution

It is usually not possible to enrich reports with qualitative information, for example in order to explain KPI deviations. Rather, this information is passed on by email or phone and there is no way to store it in a single location. To solve this problem, Camelot has developed a commenting solution that can be custom tailored to your company’s needs and processes.  It makes it easy to add qualitative information to reports, dashboards, and Excel spreadsheets by allowing your users to comment on them. On top of that, it also allows you to implement a commenting workflow.

Camelot’s Annotation and IFRS Notes solution is fully integrated with the SAP system landscape (SAP BW, SAP SEM-BCS, and SAP BusinessObjects BI). The solution is built entirely on SAP standards, making it highly scalable and ready to use. SAP Business Warehouse serves as a central storage location for the Camelot Commenting solution, creating a single source of truth. Add-ons are currently available for SAP BO Analysis, Edition for Office, and SAP BO Design Studio.

Its report commenting capabilities are complemented by the pre-configured Camelot IFRS Notes solution that allows you to comply with information requirements in your legal reporting.

Camelot’s Annotation and IFRS solution facilitates decision making by providing enhanced visibility and boosting the efficiency of your reporting processes. It also enables you to derive more and better insights from quantitative information by allowing you to add qualitative information. Overall, the solution allows you to come to better and more informed decisions. Its central data storage makes it easy to capture comments, for example in Excel, using SAP BO Analysis, Edition for Office. Reports created with SAP BO Design Studio can then include these comments in the corresponding report or correlate them with the corresponding performance metrics.

Significant reduction of manually stored comments

  • Availability of a commenting workflow
  • Highly scalable and ready to use
  • Supports the plan-do-check-act methodology

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