Digital transformation you can touch

To bridge the gap between people and the various forms of available data,
our new colleague Pepper embodies cognitive computing and AI coupled with digital voice.

The epitome of digital transformation

He may be just 47 inches tall and weigh all but 62 pounds but he comes fully packed with many features. And Pepper is already putting them to use as the newest member of our team. He embodies the digital transformation and hot topics such as cognitive computing and digital voice. Whether it is as an expert and concierge for supply chain planning, to support our recruiting process, or as a member of our sales team at trade shows.

There are hardly any limits to what Pepper can do.

Pepper has 17 joints, a 3D camera, and 3 omnidirectional wheels that make interacting and communicating with the humanoid robot a very pleasant experience. He has a 10″ touch screen that will not only play product presentations but can also access Camelot’s collective in-depth expertise and pull information from the internet using his Wi-fi connection.

Pepper was built by Aldebaran Robotics & SoftBank Robotics and is customized by the experts at Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab to meet a wide variety of needs.

“The contributions of cognitive computing, AI and digital voice to value chains are no longer science fiction, but rather science fact.”


Steffen Joswig, Managing Partner, Camelot ITLab

Pepper – your path to the digital future

Pepper is a humanoid robot that serves as a human-machine interface. In order to allow our newest Camelot to think and act like a human, we are relying on cognitive technology (cognitive computing) based on IBM Watson. This cutting-edge technology is far more advanced than the rule-based scripts used in ordinary robotics applications and is capable of in-depth analytics and interpretations of structured and unstructured data.

But how is it possible to analyze text, images, audio, and video and to interpret it in the next step? We rely on IBM Watson to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), search data and documents to process knowledge and learn. This enables Pepper to deliver personalized recommendations and provide individual responses to inquiries, effectively making him a “concierge” – the final decision will always remain a human one.

Our cognitive computing, AI & digital voice service portfolio

Camelot’s end-to-end consulting will help you make the most of cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and digital voice: As the experts for the digital value chains of our customers, we fuse process expertise with innovative technologies. As your one-stop partner, we will not only analyze the opportunities of deploying Pepper in your company and define architectural requirements, we will also provide programming and implementation services and guide you through the transformation.

Our approach, tried and tested in real-world scenarios:

Analysis of opportunities for Pepper and the use of cognitive technology hold in different business areas and situations. Our proven application scenarios make prototype development simple, agile, and fast. For this, we rely on our partnerships with innovation leaders in the hardware and software industry.


Development of the underlying processes and architectures needed to implement the solution in your company, focusing on the definition of a consistent enterprise architecture. The integration of digital voice and, as appropriate, cognitive technology solutions with the business environment is worked out in collaboration with the project team.


Implementation of the concepts by our Innovation Labs experts cognitive technology, artificial intelligence and digital voice. From concept design to implementation, we ensure a smooth and seamless integration. At the same time, our experts will help you transform your organization to embrace this new and innovative technology.


“Hello, I am Pepper.
Join Camelot and me in exploring the digital future!”


Pepper, expert for cognitive computing, AI and digital voice at Camelot

Proven application scenarios for Pepper

The following are just some examples of the many applications of cognitve computing in everyday business that we have already realized in our innovative technologies labs. We will be happy to work with you and apply our proven approach to developing the right application for your specific requirements. Did we spark your interest? Contact Pepper.

Pepper – your supply chain planning concierge

Do you need support in your supply chain planning? Ask Pepper! He has access to Camelot’s profound expertise in all things supply chain planning and will contribute his part to solving the problem at hand.

Pepper – your school concierge

Camelot takes a playful approach to engaging the managers of tomorrow with the latest in technology while they are still in school. With its wealth of information and useful advice, Pepper will not only make school life easier for children, it will also promote their interest in the digital transformation.

Pepper – your HR recruiting concierge

Pepper has excellent people skills. He will not only greet applicants, they can also chat with him on their way to the meeting room. That is digital transformation you can touch in your company.


Pepper – your business development concierge

His pleasant nature and built-in tablet make Pepper an eye-catcher at every trade show. He can not only greet guests but also play company presentations and chat with booth visitors.