Matching real objects and assets with their corresponding digital records is not a trivial task. In today’s IoT world, this task has become even more challenging due to the sheer mass of data recorded by sensors, scanners and other devices day by day in conjunction with such items.

Camelot Twinification Bridge based on SAP Leonardo foundation supports the onboarding processes of objects and assets onto IoT platforms as well as the further lifecycle of the created digital twins.


Digital Twin Onboarding

Patterned data templates can be created and re-used to ease the onboarding process of real objects and assets onto the IoT platforms.


Blockchain Integration

Integrates IoT platforms with Camelot Hypertrust Network or other blockchain systems.


Network Bridge

Cumbersome certificate handling and complex REST endpoints of IoT platforms can be streamlined easily.


Rules Engine

It can be configured at what point which data shall be handed through to IoT platforms or blockchains.


About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (short: IoT) is a network of various devices such as smartphones, cars or even refrigerators connected to the internet. In contrast to its name, IoT can also be realized privately, as a Network of Things. Any device capable of reporting sensor data can participate in and contribute to such a network. Machine-to-machine scenarios can be realized on top of the IoT technology.

You'll benefit from

Simplified and complete asset onboarding

Build decision critical rules

Streamlined sensor routing

Interact with blockchains

Jumpstart your Digital Transformation
with the Camelot Digital Experience²
based on SAP Leonardo

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