Side-by-side extending SAP on-demand and on-premise solutions is an acknowledged way to seamlessly bring out-of-the-box functionalities into established system landscapes.

A feature-rich toolset like the Camelot Rapid Extension Framework based on SAP Leonardo foundation can help to quickly realize non-standard requirements on SAP Cloud Platform to add them to existing solutions with little to no impact on operations.


Extended SAPUI5 Feature Set

In addition to the well-known SAPUI5 controls, Camelot Rapid Extension Framework offers:

  • Powerful Graph Library (e.g. offering Directed Acyclic Graphs, Isometric Drawing, Mind-Mapping and others)
  • Full-blown browser-based spreadsheet interface
  • Thorough MS Outlook like browser calendar


Job Scheduler

One of the most missed features of SAP Cloud Platform is a job scheduler. For this reason, we added one to our framework.


Connectivity Class

The framework comes along with a fully-fledged http-client, supporting encrypted communication (SSL) as well as SAP’s standard authentication protocol SAML 2.0


HERE Integration

Bringing together SAP Cloud Platform and HERE maps services, e.g. for digitalizing logistics with the Camelot Dock Schedule Optimizer App.


About Side-by-Side Extending SAP Solutions

Side-by-side extensibility is the capability to extend existing SAP solutions with new functionalities implemented on SAP Cloud Platform – Java, when utilizing Neo, and server-side JavaScript within Cloud Foundry are the currently available backend development languages. For all frontend development, SAPUI5 and the Fiori guidelines must be considered.

You'll benefit from

Realizing the “wow effect” with our non-standard user interface controls

Faster development cycles through pre-packaged tools for commodity features

Jumpstart your Digital Transformation
with the Camelot Digital Experience²
based on SAP Leonardo

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