Innovative extracorporeal cell therapies involve the exchange of sensitive patient data between many different parties. Today, most of the important data continues to be transmitted in analog form and then rerecorded over the course of the process. The risk of erroneous data and data abuse is thus extremely high.

Camelot’s Hypertrust X-Chain solution based on blockchain guarantees maximum security when handling these data and creates a closed-loop supply chain from a patient’s perspective.

With Hypertrust X-Chain on blockchain, companies benefit from

Full visibility on chain of identity and custody beyond needle-to-needle

Immutability and trusted exchange of documents and information provided

Real-time track and trace audit trail

Flexible integration with client systems

Since highly innovative extracorporeal cell therapies are often the last hope for many patients, there is no room for error in the entire process. That is why we have come up with a digital application that not only ensures maximum data-sharing and data-storage security, but also focuses on the patient.
Josef Packowski, CEO CAMELOT Consulting Group

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