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The Camelot Digital Solution Framework

To guide you through your digital transformation

Digital platforms and technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things are fundamentally changing the expectations markets, customers, and business partners place on companies. As the digital transformation is taking place, business networks are growing increasingly complex and changing at a staggering pace. This means that companies are forced to constantly reevaluate their business models and value chains and to quickly and flexibly adapt them to emerging requirements and evolving parameters. It is not enough to simply digitize processes or transform IT systems – the key is to come up with innovative ideas and to develop new and groundbreaking business models.

Having the right framework to help you navigate the vastness of digital opportunities makes it easy to identify and move the value levers of digitalization.
Our “Digital Excellence” solution framework provides an end-to-end approach to shaping your digital transformation – from strategic dialog and business architecture design to the implementation of the solution e.g. based on SAP S/4HANA.


The framework is based on the three value levers of digitization:

  • New business models, products, and services.
  • The transformation of customer engagement and experience from the initial search for information to the sales process.
  • Efficiency, agility, and flexibility across the enterprise.

We will apply these three value levers to your company and combine them with technologies and expertise to help us design and implement revolutionary solutions not only on the business model level, but also as evolutionary enhancements to the architecture of the business itself with SAP S/4HANA.

Working closely with thought leaders like SAP and technology startups, we are able to envision and create custom digital solutions and to employ agile methods to quickly weave them into the fabric of the company.

Key Benefits

  • Outside-in evaluation of the digital maturity of the business architecture
  • Reinvention of existing and definition of new business models
  • Competitive advantages through more agility and innovative marketing techniques
  • Development of new revenue opportunities, markets, and customer segments
  • Harmonized and agile business architecture to future-proof operations
  • Rapid implementation of the technologies based on agile methods (fast prototyping)

End-to-End Consulting Capabilities

Together with CAMELOT Management Consultants we will guide you through your digital transformation. From the evaluation of futureproof business models to the implementation of technical solutions. Camelot combines both business and technology perspectives to provide you with all the necessary credentials to digitize your business.

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