Blockchain is emerging from the shadow of the cryptocurrency ‘bitcoin’. The new technology shows increasing potential for being applied in value chain processes, especially where data security and data transparency are vital.

Camelot’s blockchain mission: enable customers to turn the theoretical benefits of the blockchain technology into business value. This is why we have established a comprehensive technology and service offering for blockchain including education and training.

Our solutions Camelot Hypertrust Platform and Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances, ensure data security and close existing privacy gaps.

Benefit from Camelot ITLab‘s expertise as

…early adopter,
…trainer and
…Co-Innovation partner of SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service.



Guiding enterprises on their blockchain journey–
from education to advisory to implementation

Camelot’s solutions for blockchain

Identify and evaluate individual blockchain use cases with the Camelot Hypertrust Platform

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Ensure data privacy in the blockchain with Trusted Computing Appliances

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