The concept of DDMRP (Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning) is a game changer in Digital Supply Chain Management. It is a new way of mastering variability to maximize contribution margin by increasing service levels, decreasing inventories, and delivering a significant competitive advantage.

Camelot ITLab is a leading provider and thought leader for Demand-Driven solutions.

„As the market leader, our customers rely on us to see around corners and help create competitive advantage through innovation. This new joint effort with Camelot ITLab will let business leaders become more agile, master variability and adapt the innovative net flow equation concept at the center of their supply chain.” Hala Zeine, President Digital Supply Chain, SAP

In 2019 Camelot and SAP announced their strategic co-development partnership with SAP to integrate DDMRP in the core SAP IBP. This solution will enable a more adaptive supply chain management process that overcomes the challenges of the ever more volatile business world. For more information, please have a look at this press release and consult the SAP roadmap.

As a digital frontrunner, Camelot already developed in 2017 the worldwide first SAP-certified enhancement for SAP IBP.


“SAP first introduced DDMRP in SAP Integrated Business Planning in 2018, leveraging Camelot’s certified enhancement for the solution. This led to a fast adoption of the concept and tremendous expected business benefits among our early co-innovation customers like The Procter & Gamble Company and BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. I am excited that we continue to build on this success by incorporating Camelot’s unique industry insights and technology expertise for demand-driven capabilities into the core SAP Integrated Business Planning.”

Franz Hero, Senior Vice President, SAP Supply Chain and Logistics Development


What is DDMRP? Find it out in our video.


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