DDMRP for SAP SCM realizes the Demand-Driven MRP concept in the SAP SCM solution. It leverages existing investments in SAP landscapes by being fully embedded in SAP SCM and providing SAP look and feel. Available on-premise and as a Service in the cloud.


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SAP look and feel

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an advanced planning system which meets the complex challenges in demand, supply network and production planning and scheduling. As a global planning tool for supply chain management it supports multiple ERP systems (SAP and non-SAP). It provides a collection of advanced planning applications related to advanced planning, optimization, scheduling and integration with other SAP applications.

DDMRP Compliant

DDMRP for SAP SCM realizes the DDMRP concept as defined by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) in the SAP SCM solution. It leverages existing investments in SAP landscapes by being fully embedded in SAP SCM and providing SAP look and feel. The solution encompasses all five components of DDMRP, i.e. strategic inventory positioning, determination of buffer profiles and levels, dynamic adjustments, demand driven planning and visible & collaborative execution. The components process master data and transactional data directly from/to the SAP APO database and the liveCache, ensuring data homogeneity. The solution is certified by the DDI to be fully compliant with the DDMRP concept.

It can run on-premise at the customer’s location, hosted in Camelot’s data center, or as a Service in the cloud. Upon request, it even comes together with smart business services to support your organization best.


You'll benefit from

Optimized stock buffer placement

Decoupled lead times for demand-driven planning

Dynamically altering buffers for planned or anticipated events

DDMRP Net Flow equation including qualification of sales order demand

Precisely calculated DDMRP buffers and zone value

Easy prioritization and supply order generation based on Net Flow status

DDMRP for SAP SCM provides customers with the following key features:

Demand-Driven Stock Buffer Parameterization:

  • Optimized stock buffer placement
  • Calculation of decoupled lead times for demand driven planning
  • Segmentation using buffer profiles and precise determination of DDMRP buffer levels
  • Improved transparency by analyzing parameter and inventory development

Demand-Driven MRP (DDMRP) Planning Engine:

  • Decoupling of wrong forecasts from supply order generation
  • Dynamic adjustment of buffer levels for planned or anticipated events
  • DDMRP net flow equation including qualified sales order demand and order spikes
  • Combining pull replenishment with FC-based demand & supply projection

Flow-Based Metrics & Demand-Driven Analytics:

  • Easy prioritization and supply order generation based on net flow status
  • Stock Buffer Analytics (Buffer Integrity Status, Replenishment Signal Integrity)
“What impressed me most was the user interface.
Anybody who is familiar with SAP software can just pick the software up and use it.”
Carol Ptak, Founder Demand Driven Institute (DDI)

Why “DDMRP for SAP SCM” and Camelot?

  • The only SAP-based solution certified as fully DDMRP compliant by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI)
  • Leverage existing investments in SAP technologies through seamless integration into the SAP system architecture
  • Installed customer base and proven project history
  • As the only SAP partner approved as Global Affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute (DDI), Camelot combines more than 20 years of SAP and supply chain expertise with proven conceptual know-how


Markus Geutler
Markus Geutler

End-to-end approach

Find out more about the DDSCM concept and its components on the website of our sister company CAMELOT Management Consultants.


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