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SAP BNL Freight Collaboration​

Creating Strong Logistics Networks

Partner integration and visibility are two sides of the same medal for managing growing complexity of your logistics network – SAP Business Network for Logistics (SAP BNL) Freight Collaboration provides the right platform for both.

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How we help clients

Collaboration set-up​

  • Define scenario for partner collaboration​
  • Guide through onboarding to the network​
  • Support changes in collaboration on contract and organizational level

Operational integration​

  • Define process details on transaction level, e.g. freight tendering or order handling​
  • Integrate architecture around SAP LBN​
  • Implement collaboration scenarios across all systems​

Tracking integration​

  • Identify data and sources of data for tracking scenario​
  • Implement data model and integrate data sources​
  • Set targets for tracking and monitor benefits achieved​

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Why Camelot

SAP Logistics Business Network Freight Collaboration supports you to combine a strong relationship with partners in the logistics network with an IT solution allowing automation of daily operations as well as providing transparency to increase overall effectiveness. Camelot supports you from strategy to technology implementation.​

SAP Logistics expertise​

Integration is the key – Camelot provides expertise for all logistics and supply chain applications in your network to make integration effective.​

Logistics experience​

With our long experience in logistics and supply chain projects, we help you to clearly identify your profitable collaboration scenarios.​

Building collaborations​

Camelot has supported many clients with choosing the right match in logistics services and building valuable partnerships – beyond linking IT systems.​

Jörg Broschart, Logistics Expert, Camelot ITLab
Competitive answers to today’s logistics challenges are based on strengthening collaboration among all partners.

Further Services and Solutions


SAP BNL Track and Trace​

With SAP BNL Track & Trace we realize your needs for supply chain visibility and real-time reaction, integrating along the stages of your supply chain, and with your partners..



SAP TM is a flexible platform for managing all your transportation processes holistically and fully integrated into your enterprise services – enhanced by the industry-specific knowledge and experience of Camelot ITLab.



Efficient processes in warehouse logistics with SAP EWM and integrated logistics concepts with SAP TM, SAP YL and S/4HANA, including digital trends such as AI and blockchain.


Sven Buchwald​

Sales & Business Development Manager​

Is passionate about S/4HANA as well as innovation driven logistics concepts. He is happy to answer your questions.

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