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Process Mining​

Analyze and Optimize all Processes along Your Value Chain

Utilize the full transparency provided through process mining to get data driven insights in your finance, procurement, order to cash, production, logistics, supply chain or IT processes.​

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How we help clients

Process Mining by Camelot ITLab​

  • Create transparency in operations​
  • Uncover inefficiencies and non-compliant processes​
  • Support Robotic Process Automation (RPA)​
  • Monitor change initiatives​

Process Mining Quick Start​

  • Process Mining Strategy & Roadmap​
  • Proof of Value (PoV) with your Customer Data​
  • Process-Mining-as-a-Service​
  • Guidance of optimization processes​
  • Change Management

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)​

  • Identification of RPA use cases with Process Mining​
  • Design AI, ML and other components for RPA cases​
  • Monitor RPA efficiency with Process Mining​

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Why Camelot

Camelot ITLab is the expert in Process Mining to help you to get the most out of your value chain. Camelot ITLab implements a process mining solution tailored to your company, individual business processes and IT systems in just a few weeks. Respond to facts: get immediate insights into your real processes with our cloud based and preconfigured solution for procurement, production, finance, logistics, sales and IT processes.​​

Process optimization​

More than 20 years experience in process optimization along the value chains of major industries like chemicals, pharma, manufacturing or consumer goods​

SAP S/4HANA migration​

Accelerates and supports SAP S/4HANA migration or new implementations, avoids unnecessary effort by uncovering obsolete process variants​

Reduce cost and risk​

Identification and transparency about cost driver, bottlenecks and waste of time; Points out SLA and compliance violations, uncovers hidden risks​

Further Services and Solutions


SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence is designed to develop and maintain data pipelines across systems and the data lifecycle, so you can transform your business into an intelligent enterprise.


SAP Analytics Cloud​

SAP Analytics Cloud is an extremely easy-to-use cloud reporting tool that covers all analytical use cases. Benefit from our experience in cloud-driven report creation, either self-service or IT-based.


SAP Data Warehousing​

Take the road to success with SAP Data Warehousing solutions: with SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud or SAP HANA, you can create a central, fast and reliable single source of truth for your business decisions.


Andreas Staudenecker

Head of Intelligent Data Management

Leader of the data intelligence area supporting complex projects end to end. He has a strong focus on enabling customers to exploit their full potential in data.

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