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Enabling Innovation in SAP Solutions​

Businesses across all industries increasingly use Advanced Analytics, Process Automation and Internet of Things. This has fundamentally changed the requirements on data storage and processing. SAP’s in-memory database SAP HANA is up to the challenge. It is used as a foundation for many solutions, both in the Cloud and on-premise.​

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How we help clients

Migration to SAP HANA​

  • Evaluation of existing SAP system landscape​
  • Migration of existing SAP products such as SAP ECC, SAP BW, SAP CRM, etc. to HANA database ​
  • Migration to HANA-specific solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, etc.​

SAP HANA-native analytics​

  • Design and implementation of data models for data analysis based on SAP HANA Calculation Views​
  • Data integration with HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI), SAP Landscape Transformation (LT) or other middleware solutions
  • Creation and integration of dashboards for end-users​

Extending SAP standard with SAP HANA-based applications​

  • Design and implementation of SAP HANA-native applications to enhance existing SAP products​
  • Enablement of developers with trainings in SAP HANA Tools, Cloud Foundry (XS Advanced), SAPUI5, etc.​
  • Implementation of DevOps Best Practices specific to SAP HANA​

Speed up your business with SAP HANA

Loading times have been reduced by up to 40% and report execution times were increased up to a factor of 30. SAP HANA now enables the performance of analyses at rapid speed.

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Why Camelot

Following our focus on innovative technologies, Camelot ITLab has been supporting customers with SAP HANA-related projects right from the beginning. Since then, SAP HANA has become a core element of many customer projects.

Early adopter​

Camelot has implemented SAP HANA both internally and externally right from the start, gaining valuable experience.​

Favored by developers​

Many of the applications, that are offered by Camelot ITLab are developed and deployed on SAP HANA. This applies to: Segment & Strategize, Dock Schedule Optimizer, IBP Forecasting Review, and more.​

Comprehensive perspective​

In all fields of expertise, SAP HANA has acted as a disruptor technology. This was recognized and utilized by Camelot ITLab in many different customer projects.​

Eckhard Heim, Head of IT-BASIS technology, STIHL​
With Camelot ITLab we had a very​ experienced project partner with​ in-depth knowledge of In-Memory​ technologies.

Further Services and Solutions



Whether you want a high degree of standardization, maximum flexibility, or a combination of both, with SAP S/4HANA you will always find the right solution – the intelligent ERP.


SAP Sales Cloud ​

Provide your sales force with the SAP Sales Cloud, the SAP CRM of the latest generation (formerly SAP Hybris), an intelligent tool for increasing productivity while simultaneously improving the customer experience and accelerating the purchasing process.


SAP Cloud Platform

Most companies will extend the SAP standard to improve the integration into internal processes. The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) offers a private or public space to do the same for SAP cloud products.

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